Shincheonji’s Chairman Lee Man-hee Enlightens the Philippines with Powerful Revelation Seminar

April 23 03:46 2024
Shincheonji’s Chairman Lee Man-hee Enlightens the Philippines with Powerful Revelation Seminar
Shincheonji Church of Jesus, led by Chairman Lee Man-hee, delivered an enthralling seminar at the Philippine International Convention Center, unraveling the mysteries of Revelation. Lee’s fervent testimony urged attendees to grasp the fulfilled prophecies urgently, emphasizing the importance of understanding scripture. This global initiative promotes unity and enlightenment.

In an electrifying event held at the Philippine International Convention Center, Chairman Lee Man-hee of Shincheonji Church of Jesus captivated audiences with his profound insights into the Book of Revelation. The seminar, part of the ‘2024 Shincheonji’s Bible Seminars by Continent Asia (I)’, witnessed Chairman Lee delivering a compelling lecture, unraveling the mysteries of Revelation with clarity and conviction.

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Unveiling Revelation’s Realities

With a fervor that resonated throughout the packed hall, Chairman Lee shared his mission to testify to the events of Revelation as he has witnessed and heard them. He emphasized the need for understanding the era of reality, where promises have been fulfilled, urging attendees to delve deeper into the scriptures beyond mere agreement.

A Prophetic Journey

Chairman Lee’s journey to faith, marked by trials and divine guidance, set the stage for his compelling message. Born amidst the turbulence of World War II and the Korean War, Chairman Lee’s spiritual quest led him to a covenant with God, culminating in the founding of Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

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Testimony and Urgency

Chairman Lee’s message underscored the urgency of understanding Revelation’s prophecies, stressing that more than half of them have already been fulfilled. Quoting Revelation 22:18-19, he warned against altering the sacred text and urged attendees to verify the fulfilled realities, emphasizing the importance of being sealed with the truth.

Global Impact and Outreach

The seminar marked Shincheonji Church of Jesus’ commitment to global outreach, following Chairman Lee’s numerous visits and impactful initiatives worldwide. From mediating peace agreements in conflict-torn regions to facilitating online word seminars during the COVID-19 pandemic, Shincheonji continues to inspire and engage communities globally.

Continental Word Seminars

Following the overwhelming response from pastors and believers worldwide, Shincheonji Church of Jesus announced the continuation of the ‘2024 Continental Shincheonji Word Seminar’ series. The seminars, spanning across continents, aim to foster a deeper understanding of scripture and promote global unity through shared knowledge.

Join the Revelation Journey

The ‘2024 Shincheonji’s Bible Seminars’ promise to be a transformative experience for attendees, offering profound insights into scripture and fostering a deeper connection with faith. Live-streamed in multiple languages on YouTube, these seminars invite individuals worldwide to embark on a journey of enlightenment and understanding.

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