Uresta the “simple, yet genius” product helping women say goodbye to unwanted pee leaks

January 14 21:45 2022
Many women experience bladder leaks when they sneeze, cough, laugh or exercise (known as stress urinary incontinence) – Uresta is the gamechanger these women deserve.

Uresta is a simple, yet game-changing solution to the age-old problem of female bladder leakage. 1 in 3 women after 30 experience bladder leakage when they cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise – this condition is referred to as stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Despite being incredibly common, majority of women don’t seek help for this condition and simply accept it as complication of childbirth or getting older.

While bladder leakage may not indicate a serious health risk, it is a real quality of life issue. Leaks aren’t just about discomfort and inconvenience; they impact self-confidence and create anxiety in work and social settings. Sometimes women even limit their intake of liquids or organize their outings around bathroom access to avoid unexpected leaks. Leaks are also very common during exercise due to the increased pressure placed on the bladder during these activities. As a result, many women reduce their level of physical activity.

Today the common solutions for SUI are archaic and don’t improve the quality of life for bladder leak suffers. The majority of women manage their leaks with disposable pads or leak-proof underwear. Disposable pads are uncomfortable, damp and create anxiety around odor. While pelvic floor strengthening can help it may not be sufficient to fully eliminate leaks, especially during exercise. Some women who are finally fed up with pads consider surgery as a permanent solution. However, surgery has a relatively high failure rate, requires a painful recovery, and may need to be repeated in the future.

Women are calling Uresta a “game-changer”, “the product I’ve been waiting for”, and “simple, yet genius”. Uresta has helped thousands of women in Canada regain control of their lives and is widely recommended by family doctors, urogynecologists and pelvic floor physiotherapists in North America.

Uresta is inserted into the vagina and provides support to the urethra and bladder through the vaginal wall. Once inserted Uresta sits below the bladder and provides additional support during those moments of extra pressure caused by sneezing, laughing, coughing or jumping – think of it as an ankle brace but for the bladder. Unlike other solutions, Uresta actually stops leaks from occurring in the first place. In clinical studies, 86% of women saw a significant reduction in leaks—and 66% were completely dry.

Uresta is a flexible self-managed solution that can be worn all day or just when needed, like exercising or a night out with friends. Uresta is easy to insert and remove, is comfortable and still allows a user to urinate normally when inserted. Uresta is reusable and made of medical grade resin and is simply washed with soap and water.

Uresta was invented by world-renowned urogynecologist Dr. Scott A. Farrell and is a proudly female owned and led Company. To learn more about Uresta, please visit their website at www.uresta.com.

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