Umbrella Labs Rises as the Best SARMs And Peptide Source in 2021

October 14 08:47 2021
They provide only pure, non-degraded, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) and peptides.

Umbrella Labs, a USA-based supplier of SARMs and peptides for academic and R&D use, is offering a full catalog of lab-grade reference materials, SARMs, peptides and more — with their SARMs and peptides having 99 percent purity or higher. It also provides proprietary products and exclusive delivery systems.

The company takes pride in providing products and chemicals of the highest quality as well as the best customer service in the industry. They have implemented strict quality assurance protocols to ensure the maximum purity of all SARM for sale. Quantitative resolution of these mixtures demands highly sensitive instrumentation, such as Umbrella’s triple-quadrupole spectrometer. They also utilize industry-leading High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Liquid/Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry in their manufacturing pipeline and conduct routine analyses in a CLIA environment using a flexible range of thermo scientific and Agilent modalities.

“Umbrella Labs has changed the research chemical industry for the better by providing the most consistently pure, lab-grade SARMs, peptides and chemical compounds. Umbrella Labs continues to raise the bar and set higher standards for the industries that we operate within,” stated a company representative.

Umbrella Labs is the only supplier of SARMs and peptides that are quality tested with third-party purity validation from analytical chemists credentialed by the National Certification Commission in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (NCCCCE). They harness new-generation mass spectrometry analysis and augment their purity assessments by enhancing sensitivity and adding a new dimension of measurement.

Umbrella uses the LC/MS-MS approach, which offers better quality assurance and control than conventional HPLC-UV alone. This is especially crucial for the analysis of SARMs, many of which exist as diastereomeric mixtures. They perform method development, data acquisition/processing and report generation using fully licensed, comprehensive chromatography system software to comply with regulatory data integrity requirements.

Umbrella Labs’ SARMs and related research products for sale are now labeled with manufacturing and expiration dates. The customers are assured that their research is powered with maximum potency. The products’ manufacturing dates also serve as batch numbers to allow Umbrella to effectively trace any issues in their QA/QC pipeline and ensure product quality and consistency.

Every batch of their SARMs and peptides is tracked and tested for the highest level of product quality control. SARMs and peptides from Umbrella Labs are very specific compounds. They keep production tightly monitored and tested constantly as slightest variations in batches or lots can affect the efficacy of SARMs or peptides in negative ways.

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Umbrella Labs is a USA-based supplier of SARMs and peptides for academic and R&D use, offering a full catalog of lab-grade reference materials, SARMs, peptides and more.

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