Maher Al Cheikh, the gemologist of the middle East

June 09 14:37 2021
Maher Al Cheikh, the gemologist of the middle East

Maher Al Cheikh, the gemologist of the middle East
Maher Al Cheikh is one of the most renowned name in the world of gemologist all over the Middle East. In his early life, his hobby and passion for buying diamonds for his family members urged him to dive in the world of gemology.

Maher Al Cheikh is one of the recognized names in the world of Diamond nowadays. Whenever Maher Al Cheikh’s name is mentioned, your eyes sparkle rapidly, without any reason. Maher Al Cheikh is from a Syrian origin who was born in Jan 20, 1997, Damascus, Syria. Every successful story has its special story, a Maher’s one is the same. At the very early stage, and before determining to become a gemologist, Maher used to buy diamonds as gift for his family members. When he saw how pleased and glad his family members become when they receive a diamond, he was urged by enthusiasm to make gemology a career.

AL Cheik’s passion and ambitious to attain the impossible drives him study and explore the world of gemology. Through curiosity and hardworking, Maher Al Cheikh finally became a gemology graduated and gained his certificate. Since then, the 24 years old geologist started digging his own way by himself without any assistance, which is something normal in such a domain. Usually common and known geologists inherit this domain from their families, but Maher Al Cheikh’s case is different where he decided to dive in this domain alone needless of anybody, the thing that made it somehow difficult for him at the very beginning. Success in this domain, geology, depend on its secrecy, that’s why a geologist has to work on himself by himself.  Not only did Maher depend on his offices which he owns in Beirut, Lebanon and Dubai, UAE, but he also organizes meetings all over the world for those who cannot visit the office or even for customers who prefer to have private meetings. So Maher’s main target is his customers’ comfort, not only his/her physical comfort but also the financial one.

Maher does not aim to get more profits by selling one item, he prefers to sell the customers more items with less profits. Hence the customer becomes pleased and keeps on buying his items continuously. Besides, Maher distribute diamonds wholesale for dealers and jewelry sellers. Maher’s ambition and enthusiasm does not and will not stop here, he is aiming to open his own boutique soon in Dubai, besides stay tuned for the future because Maher’s best is yet to come!

It is important to mention that for buying diamonds, a customer is in-need of a person that s/he can trust blindly who can make the best deal else s/he may get fooled because its super tricky and risky. If you are looking for jewelry repair, trustworthy expert advice, or hoping to purchase a diamond, make sure that Maher Al Cheikh is your best ever choice in the world of Gemology.

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