Dr. Anosh Ahmed bent on revitalizing underserved communities in Chicago, Houston with the opening of Heart of Health Clinics

June 09 00:32 2021

Dr. Anosh Ahmed, an internal medicine physician and thriving entrepreneur, is set to open Heart of Health Clinics in Chicago and Houston in a bid to provide high-quality healthcare to patients from all backgrounds.

“Heart of Health understands that holistic approach is essential in healing our most vulnerable individuals, including many who have not had access to medical care for several years,” Dr. Anosh Ahmed said in a statement.

The creation of Heart of Health Clinics has been a life-long goal and a brainchild of Dr. Anosh Ahmed, MD, a self-made entrepreneur, and angel investor. 

Dr. Ahmed has an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of what makes an effective treatment facility through his experience as an owner of multiple clinics and hospitals across the United States. 

Building Heart of Health

As the founder of Heart of Health Clinics, Dr. Anosh Ahmed knows that to understand people’s circumstances and vulnerability, they must be able to put themselves in a patient’s shoes. 

Grounded by his experience, Dr. Ahmed understands that for millions of Americans living in vulnerable rural and urban communities, a health clinic is a vital and often their only source of health care.

Dr. Ahmed saw this first-hand during his early years when a disability caused by illness made it impossible for his father to support his family. Lack of access to primary care services was a challenge, pushing the then-13-year-old Anosh to step up.

The young Anosh vowed to become a physician and rehabilitate not only his father but others whose lives have been similarly affected by illness and disease too.

“I have been there, and I know how it feels to step up at a very young age to support my family, and later on, do something for the bigger community,” Dr. Ahmed said.

After completing his studies at the Windsor University School of Medicine and a successful residency at Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Ahmed made the bold decision to accept the post of COO/CFO at a Safety Net Hospital on the Westside of Chicago in 2018.

Dr. Ahmed and his team of dedicated physicians worked hard to expand service lines and improve the quality of care provided to its underserved community. His hands-on experience of how first-rate care can restore life and vitality to a challenged community only further cemented his passion for creating medical access for all by opening dedicated community clinics where they are most needed.  

Creating safe spaces through Heart of Health

The opening of a chain of clinics in Chicago and Houston is a testament to Dr. Ahmed’s continued quest to revolutionize healthcare in America, one step at a time. The clinics in Houston and Chicago seek to change how the most vulnerable see health care. 

“Our goal is to create safe spaces within our clinics where individuals from all walks of life feel comfortable enough to seek help and care whenever they need it. We believe that employment status, age, nationality, or ability to pay for medical care should not be a barrier to medical access,” Dr. Ahmed said.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed stressed that Heart of Health physicians and staff see their patients as an extension of their own family and treat them with the same care and respect that they would for a loved one. 

“We aim to forge relationships that outlast the duration of a single appointment,” Dr. Ahmed said.

The clinics in Chicago and Houston utilize aspects such as the patient’s health, income level, physical environment, and social support to create an effective treatment plan.  

Dr. Ahmed explained that understanding these intricacies is integral to creating a treatment plan and provides a new sense of hope in an individual’s life.  

“Physicians working with at-risk individuals in Chicago and Houston know the many contributing factors that negatively impact the health of our populace. Unsafe home environments, hazardous workplaces, lack of a stable income, and irregular access to medical care make it nearly impossible for individuals to improve their mental and physical health,” Dr. Ahmed said. 

Dr. Ahmed believes taking care of people makes the world a little better, one place at a time. He is now all set on revitalizing underserved communities in Chicago and Houston.

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