Dear-Lover Makes Setting up an Online Business for Swimwear Super-Easy and Convenient

April 05 06:54 2021
Starting and sustaining an online business for swimwear requires a great deal of effort, but more so passion and a good sense of fashion.

Unlike other clothing items, dealing in swimwear can be tricky given their flirty and sensuous appeal. After all, there is a very fine line between being aesthetically pleasing and vulgar. And hence, the success of an online swimwear brand depends entirely on their product lineup, both for the styles it showcases as well as the quality it puts out.

Nonetheless, the industry for swimwear and activewear seems to be a popular pick among entrepreneurs looking to test the waters in women’s clothing online. The key is to get associated with a supplier of wholesale swimwear, one that aligns itself with the vision of the business and tells its unique story.

Dear-Lover one of the leading designers and manufacturers of women’s clothing makes setting up an online swimwear a real cakewalk. Their gorgeous line of affordable, luxury swimwear has attracted a great deal of interest globally. Dear-Lover offers budding entrepreneurs three primary options – wholesale swimwear, drop shipping and OEM services, thereby enabling them to choose what is best for them.

Wholesale Swimwear: It is one of most popular and tried-and-tested methods of sourcing wholesale swimwear from Dear Lover. Here, business associates can buy swimwear in bulk and sell it further for a profit. An affordable price tag at Dear-Lover makes bulk purchases quite cost-effective.

The good thing with Dear-Lover’s wholesale services is that while they do have a minimum order amount, huge purchases of inventory are not a compulsion. They work with low volume orders too. However, larger orders are eligible for better and bigger discounts. Besides, as an online swimwear brand, it makes sense to have a wide selection in styles, sizes and colours.

Drop Shipping: Dear-Lover also chooses to support upcoming swimwear brands with their drop-shipping services. It is the ideal option for upcoming businesses as they lack the big budgets to build stocking warehouses, or the logistics to transport orders to customers. Whether it is a single item or a bulk order, Dear-Lover offers to distribute orders to customers globally.

OEM services: Companies willing to spend a little more, and looking to design swimwear units that reflect their brand can opt for Dear-Lover’s OEM services. These include having the company produce their designs or simply putting their tag or label on the Dear-Lover’s ready-to-wear collection.

About the Company:

Dear-Lover is a well-known clothing label based in China. They carry an extensive inventory of high-quality swimwear comprising swimsuits, tops and bottoms, tankinis, cover ups and rash guards. Their lineup is updated on a regular basis with the latest designs. Boasting of an annual output of 3,000,000 pieces and a warehouse with a storing capacity of nearly 2,300,000 one needn’t worry about items being out-of-stock. They also ensure quick deliveries to the desired locations. While it is best to choose any one of their sourcing methods, businesses can use a combination of either one of the methods.

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