Laura Hammarstrom, Professional Event Manager, Discusses Her Certification in Pandemic On-Site Protocol and Cvent’s Diagramming and Seating

April 02 02:28 2021
Laura Hammarstrom, seasoned event manager, comments on her certification in On-Site Protocol and Cvent’s Diagramming and Seating while breaking down the pandemic’s impact on future social gatherings.

Laura Hammarstrom, founder of Laura Hammarstrom, CMP, LLC, can attest to COVID-19’s massive impact on the events industry from her first-hand experience. Her company, Laura Hammarstrom, CMP, LLC, provides services surrounding a comprehensive suite of professional, customer-focused, on-site event management. In her role at the company, Hammarstrom specializes in VIP experiences, corporate meetings, international conferences, pharmaceutical programs, festivals, and incentive programs.

The professional event manager, entrepreneur, and travel director received her certification in Pandemic On-Site Protocol and Cvent’s Diagramming and Seating in February of this year. With a certificate like this, Hammarstrom will be better prepared to maneuver events in the future while still respecting pandemic factors that are here to stay for some time. 

Pandemic On-Site Protocol Training helps supply knowledge that covers all positions of on-site event staff to show how to approach self-safety properly, identify and suppress risks, and gain skills in handling non-compliance issues if they surface. The training includes all on-site team member positions, both internal and external, like suppliers, volunteers, production crews, and vendors. By the end of the training, all players involved with an event taking place will know what they need to do to monitor and maintain a safe environment for all who participate and are present. The Pandemic On-Site Protocol Certificate’s learning outcomes include knowledge about the role of a Duty of Care agreement, how to establish safety goals at an event, best practices for guest logistics, guidance for site risk evaluation and assessment, and much more.  

In addition to her Pandemic On-Site Protocol Certificate, Hammarstrom received a Cvent’s Diagramming and Seating Certificate. The training required to acquire this certificate is designed specifically for event professionals who want to show for and enhance their skill sets in Cvent’s Diagramming and Seating (formerly Social Tables®) tool. The certification is built around bringing forth an individual’s abilities to develop event layouts with the correct social distancing measures to keep attendee safety a priority as well as the overall event experience. 

“COVID-19 has created multiple walls for event managers in the events industry to figure out how to maneuver around and continue forward despite social distancing dilemmas and necessary actions. Participating in opportunities to receive a certification in Pandemic On-Site Protocol and Cvent’s Diagramming and Seating is one of those avenues event managers can take to move forward during this pandemic,” said Laura Hammarstrom

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About Laura Hammarstrom

Laura Hammarstrom is a professional event manager, travel director, and entrepreneur with a diverse skillset and professional background, including domestic and international initiatives for Fortune 1 executives, high-net-worth families, and the Northwest Arkansas community. She spent over 10 years in event management and communications roles at Walmart Corporate. Notably, she was Senior Event and Project Manager for the Walmart International President and CEO, Director of Special Projects in the United Kingdom, and Director of Global Associate and Executive Communications. Pursuing her passion for events, she received her Certified Meeting Professional designation and served as the Events and Experiences Manager for the Walton Enterprises Family Office. In 2017, Laura started her own event business, Laura Hammarstrom, CMP, LLC, to provide a comprehensive suite of professional, customer-focused, on-site event management services on a global scale.

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