Lafeige’s Taobao Debut Live Sales Exceeded 100 Million RMB

May 29 20:28 2024
China’s Jiuxian Group Competes on “Multiple Fronts” in Liquor Industry

Beijing, China – May 29, 2024 – Renowned Chinese liquor manufacturer, Jiuxian Group has proudly announced that it has set a new record for online liquor sales by exceeding 100 million sale. Established in 2001 with a brand value of 66.539 Billion Yuan, Jiuxian has ranked first in the liquor circulation in China for 8 consecutive years. This historic achievement is not only a huge success for the group, but also a guiding precedence for others to follow.

Top livestreamer of liquor peddling Jiuxian Lafeige

In addition to this groundbreaking success of Lafeige’s debut on Taobao Live, achieving an unprecedented sales milestone of 1.17 billion RMB on April 24th, Lafeige’s inaugural broadcast also witnessed a huge spike in daily fan count, surpassing 130,000, and securing the top spot on the influencer-driven sales charts for the day.

“The Chinese Liquor Celebrities Group has made significant achievements in the past couple of years.“ Said Hao Hongfeng, the Chairman of Jiuxian Group, while sharing his thoughts on this historic accomplishment in a recent interview. “By entering Taobao Live, we basically  aim to strengthen our position within the Taobao ecosystem, increasing the number and the quality of our live streaming sales.”  He added. According to the Chairman, the group was previously active on Douyin, which is the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, and it is now making rounds on Taobao Live, which is not only a strategic expansion  in its own right, but is also taking this expansion towards increasing visibility in the digital sphere.

In addition, the Taobao live streaming rooms now feature several other products beyond liquor, which include snacks and daily necessities. By partnering with the fresh food sector, the media outlet has further enriched its product selection. This will also help the group tap into the vast resources and shopping habits of Taobao’s broader user base. This strategy of cross-category sales has enabled the group to explore new opportunities and maximize revenue streams. By embracing a fusion live streaming model, they aim to rise above industry limitations and tap into new sources of traffic monetization.

Lafeige’s debut on Taobao Live has been overwhelmingly successful for many reasons. The Chinese Liquor Celebrities Group not only has extensive combat experience, but it has also previously collaborated with Taobao to incubate successful anchors like Liaoge. Furthermore, the group possesses a strong combat system, equipped with superior capabilities in product procurement, operations, and sales strategies, making them well-suited for major live promotions. Another reason for this amazing success is  that the group has invested heavily in short videos and social media marketing methods in the last 2 decades.

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