Retired Detective Sergeant Brad Finucan Reflects on Career and Discusses the Future of Law Enforcement and Cyber Security

May 29 19:16 2024
Retired Detective Sergeant Brad Finucan Reflects on Career and Discusses the Future of Law Enforcement and Cyber Security

Brad Finucan. Waterloo, Ontario
Retired Detective Sergeant Brad Finucan of Waterloo, Ontario

Retired Detective Sergeant Brad Finucan Reflects on Career and Discusses the Future of Law Enforcement and Cyber Security

In a recent in-depth interview, Brad Finucan, a retired Detective Sergeant with over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, shared insights into his illustrious career, daily routines, and the exciting future of artificial intelligence in law enforcement. Born in Montreal and a graduate from Conestoga College and Wilfrid Laurier University, with an upcoming degree from the University of Ottawa in Cyber Security, Brad’s career spans decades of dedication and heroic acts in the field of law enforcement.

Brad Finucan began his career in 1991, navigating a highly competitive environment to become one of the most respected officers in the Waterloo Regional Police Service. His early career was marked by high academic achievements and significant arrests, such as the daring rescue and arrest of one of Canada’s most wanted criminals in 1997. Promoted to Sergeant in 2003, Brad handled several sensitive cases, including a notable shaken baby incident in 2007 that resulted in the life-saving harvesting of the victim’s organs.

The interview highlighted Brad’s commitment to continuous learning and innovation, particularly his enthusiasm for the integration of AI in public safety. “AI’s potential to enhance public safety by improving threat detection and decision-making processes is tremendous,” said Brad. This technology promises to improve efficiency and effectiveness in crime prevention and community safety, an aspect Brad is keenly interested in due to his ongoing studies in Cyber Security.

Brad shared his daily routine, emphasizing the importance of physical and mental sharpness which he maintains through regular exercise and staying current with industry trends. His approach to productivity involves a disciplined schedule and prioritizing tasks by urgency, a method that has proven effective throughout his career. Reflecting on his career, Brad’s advice to his younger self and others is to embrace learning and patience, take calculated risks, and build strong professional and personal relationships.

Moreover, Brad discussed his belief in the power of integrating historical lessons into modern policing—a view that he feels is often underestimated but has the potential to profoundly impact current practices and policies. He remains a proponent of regular physical activity for everyone, citing its benefits for mental clarity and stress reduction, which have been essential in managing high-stress situations throughout his career.

Brad Finucan continues to inspire future generations of law enforcement officers with his dedication to public service, leadership, and community involvement. His ongoing contributions to the field, especially in the realm of cyber security, highlight his commitment to advancing public safety in an increasingly digital world.

The full interview with Brad Finucan can be read here.

About Brad Finucan:

Brad Finucan is a retired Detective Sergeant from the Waterloo Regional Police Service with a career spanning over three decades. He is currently pursuing a degree in Cyber Security at the University of Ottawa and remains actively involved in mentoring young law enforcement professionals.

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