Black States of America, A Fantasy Novel by Best-Selling Author d. E. Rogers, Explores An Alternate Universe Where President Lincoln Survives His Assassination

July 21 12:24 2020
Black States of America, A Fantasy Novel by Best-Selling Author d. E. Rogers, Explores An Alternate Universe Where President Lincoln Survives His Assassination

21 July, 2020 – Author d. E. Rogers has announced the release of his new fantasy novel, Black States of America – Real Black Power (August 11, 2020), on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. A new story set in an alternative universe, d. E. Rogers takes readers on a page-turning adventure through history and two universes – one in which American President Abraham Lincoln is not assassinated that fateful night at Ford Theater.

Portraying the difference a failed assassination could have made on our world, Black States of America is being called a must-read in 2020, and the novel has already garnered critical acclaim for its intricate plot, rich characters, and exciting prose. A page-turning science-fiction novel, Black States of America shows readers what becomes when Lincoln’s assassination is prevented, and Vice President Johnson fails to secure the presidency.

A modern-day story told by d. E. Rogers, readers learn how a talented scientist and former slave’s ride through a black hole alters the universe but leaves history as we know it to continue in another altogether. A century and a half later, President Lincoln is still dead, while the alternate universe in which he lived does not know of the other’s existence. But in the year 2000, a King decides to invite the other to share in technological advances, leading a supposed humanitarian mission that takes a disastrous turn due to greed.

As the King and his entourage flee, their son Lincoln is left behind and believed to be dead or lost. But just twenty-five years later, a surviving Lincoln chooses to take a simple DNA test – threatening to alter his course and change his life forever, before setting off a chain reaction which could have a flow-on effect throughout both worlds.

An invigorating story by best-selling author d. E. Rogers, Black States of America takes readers on a wild adventure through parallel worlds and explores the fantasized repercussions of a world in which Lincoln survives his infamous assassination. Now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, get Black States of America for $0.99 on Kindle or $15.99 in paperback and read the popular story spreading around the world.

About the Author

d. E. Rogers is a best-selling author, director, screenwriter. The author of twelve novels, The Black States of America is the latest project that serves as an inspirational guide on how great we as people can be if we listen, learn, and work together. The director of three short films, Rogers is also a Stanford University-certified project manager. He attended the University of Notre Dame for executive leadership and management and the New York Film Academy for film production and holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications management and production from Purdue University and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Bethel University. Rogers was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. To learn more, connect with d. E. Rogers at or on Twitter and Instagram.

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