Leslie Hollis’ New Book Shines Light On How to Get Out of Clinical Depression and Embrace Life

July 18 07:46 2020
Leslie Hollis’ New Book Shines Light On How to Get Out of Clinical Depression and Embrace Life

July 18, 2020 – Author Leslie Hollis’ book, “The Bedroom Without a Door,” tells the story of a young, 18-year-old girl who slips into despair that has her in its grip almost spontaneously. Left with no self-worth, the girl is vulnerable and defenseless and soon becomes a prisoner to the vagaries of her mind. How she surmounts her problems and emerges out victorious forms the core of the book.

The central character, Hollis, finds out one morning that she is a prisoner in her own bed, unable to get out.  The despair and hopelessness that ensue become a trap from which she manages in the end to escape, assisted by an able therapist, Kara. It is Kara who helps Hollis to not succumb to suicide, an act she once came close to but avoided committing due to lack of courage.

“The Bedroom Without a Door” will find resonance with those who are suffering from anxiety and lack of self-worth. The book presents a real-life example of a person who fights off depression and comes out smiling to embrace life. In fact, Hollis has presented us with a self-help book that encourages others to get out of their self-imposed surroundings filled with despair and tread their path to liberation from limitations that are imposed by the mind. It provides succor and support to those who are driven to despair. 

In the book, Hollis repeatedly stresses that despair, helplessness, and anxiety, all signs of clinical depression, can be treated. She shows from her own example of how clinical depression can lead to eating disorders and other problems that can affect the quality of one’s life. The “inner demons” that Hollis refers to, are not invincible and can be destroyed with a strong will and help from a qualified therapist, such as Kara, who helped Hollis to get out of her inner hell. 

Leslie J. Hollis, currently a teacher, earned a bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish and a master’s degree in education. Before becoming a teacher, she worked as a financial analyst and received her MBA from Fordham University. Hollis and her husband, Eric, have three children and live in Smithtown, New York.

The Bedroom without a Door” by Leslie Hollis is available in paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon.

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