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July 18 01:32 2020

Yoga Hero Applies Their Eco-Friendly Methodology to Create High-Performance Yoga Wear

When it comes to yoga accessories, Yoga Hero is a brand that stands out for its innovative and eco-friendly approach, known for making stunning, one-of-a-kind yoga mats from recycled materials. The result is a product that is not just durable but also reduces your carbon footprint.

Now, Yoga Hero is applying its eco-friendly approach to designing high-performance yoga wear by creating an innovative fabric. Considering that most sportswear is made from a mix of polyester fabric, Yoga Hero has developed a fabric blend using recycled PET plastic bottles.

With their insight into the problems of the average yoga practitioner, Yoga Hero has created high-performance yoga wear that assists one in their yoga session. Some of the notable features of their yoga wear include moisture-wicking fabric, super stretchy material that does not become see-through, and clothes that retain their shape even after an intense yoga workout. 

The high-performance yoga wear by Yoga Hero consists of 6 unique sets that have one-of-a-kind design patterns. The best part is that you can now get yoga wear that matches with your yoga mats. The leggings also feature high waistbands to make them sturdy, well-fitting, and comfortable to wear during yoga sessions. Given this promise, many yoga enthusiasts will be happy to get their hands on this exclusive range of yoga wear. 

Besides creating high quality and uniquely designed yoga wear, Yoga Hero stays true to its eco-friendly message throughout the production process; Every detail of our production process is environmentally-friendly, from hangtags we use to our packaging (no plastic). Our manufacturers in Europe have good working conditions. We use green delivery everywhere where this is possible. It matches our mat collection perfectly, and we are excited to share our new clothing line with as many women as possible.” – Aya Stern, Yoga Hero.

Yoga Heros high-performance yoga wear is currently not available in the market, but those interested can pre-order them on Kickstarter. If youre looking to get your hands on the yoga wear through discounted prices, head to their Kickstarter page. There are early-bird discounts that you can get. Based on the package availability, backers can get fantastic perks and great discounts on the overall costs. The Yoga Hero team is also available to answer any questions or queries that you might have. 

About Yoga Hero

Yoga Hero is a yoga accessory and yoga wear design brand that focuses on more than just making yoga clothes. The company focuses on combining eco-friendly measures to make a positive change in the world. All their products are made from recycled materials that help to reduce wastage. Their eco-friendly message resonates with people from various industries. 


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