The Colombian rock band Distrito Especial reclaims their iconic trajectory with their comeback album “No Tire Tanta Bala”

July 17 23:55 2020

With the help of international Latin star Carlos Vives’ record label Gaira Musica LocalDistrito Especial is back – better than ever – with their third album No Tire Tanta Bala.

As a band, the members are internationally known from having great influence since their start in the mid 80’s, being sonically innovating with their distinctive folklore rock. With No Tire Tanta Bala, the Colombian band continues to prove just that without losing their element of surprise.

It is widely known that this Colombian Caribean infused in rock characteristic paved the band’s musical essence which is still clear to this day. These distinctive sounds are highlighted in the lead single “Santa Fe” that embodies a love note to Colombia with the featured vocals of another Colombian rock icon Andrea Echeverri of Aterciopelados. “’Santa Fe’ is a song that talks about all the injustice that we have to learn to endure; the lost opportunities. And in spite of everything, it is our home and it continues to bring us joy, human warmth and with that we continue with hope. That’s why the lyrics are also about gratitude, tolerance and love. A message to remember that, in the midst of everything, it is a very special place that we must continue to care for and build for everyone,” Distrito explained.

However, the band’s musical passion doesn’t stop there. In No Tire Tanta Bala, each band member takes on vocals, proving another distinctive element in not only their instruments but in their voices. Along with being vocalists, Bernardo Velasco plays guitar, Carlos Ivan Medina plays keyboard and Einar Scaff plays the drums. This powerful yet sincere album was simply rooted by the joy of playing together again, and it allowed them to express their emotions without any sugarcoating. Their intention of reflecting urban life in a globalized world is articulated with strong songs – almost protest-like – such as “Se Formó” and “El Dolor”, and unifying songs such as “Después de Todo.”

Now after 26 years, the band is back to reclaim their musical trajectory, adding yet another solid album full of world music proposals and Colombian richness to their previous two albums D.E. Mentes (1989) and Documento (1994).

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