CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the Killeen, Texas Area’s Foundation and Leveling Needs

July 17 13:52 2020
CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the Killeen, Texas Area's Foundation and Leveling Needs

Central Texas is a beautiful place, which is why places like Killeen, TX have experienced an influx of home buyers. However, the area is home to hard clay soil that expands when wet and shrinks when dry. This is especially stressful for the foundations of homes in the area. 

Signs the Foundation Needs to be Repaired

Fortunately, CenTex provides the Killeen, TX area with foundation and leveling services that can help homeowners restore the foundation of their home. Homeowners can find out more about the services they provide by visiting https://welevelit.com/. There are signs homeowners can look out for that help show if the foundation is damaged, including:

  • Bowed walls

Sagging foundations put pressure on interior and exterior walls that may cause them to bow. Homeowners will notice their walls are slightly curved. They may also notice that doors and windows set in these walls no longer meet their frames properly and may have trouble opening and closing. 

  • Cracks in the walls of the foundation

Many times the first sign of foundation damage is the presence of hairline fractures. Homeowners will notice there are cracks in the foundation, interior walls, exterior walls, or ceilings. Homeowners should have this taken care of immediately, as these cracks can serve as entry points for pests.

  • Uneven floors

Damaged foundations often shift, causing the house to shift as well. This results in floors that sag, crack, and move around. Homeowners will notice soft spots on their floor that seem to give way when they are walking on them.

Expert Foundation Repair

Homes in central Texas were built most frequently atop slab foundations as it is the best option for handling the drastic differences in wet and dry clay soil. Still, even the highest quality slab foundation sustains damage eventually. Homeowners in Killeen, TX can rely on CenTex to provide the following services for their home’s foundation:

  • CenTex Centerbeam Steel Pier

Exclusive to CenTex, the Centerbeam Steel Pier sits below that house’s grade beam rather than outside of it. Because of this, CenTex can drive piers farther into the ground, which provides much more support than other foundation repair services. The CenTex Centerbeam Steel Pier interlock and are much sturdier than the single-wall pipes used by other foundation companies.

  • Concrete pressed pilings 

This option for foundation repair is one of the most affordable available, making it very popular among those who are trying to stretch their budget. These are installed digging a hole under the house’s grade beam and using a hydraulic ram to push them in. CenTex offers customers a lifetime transferable service agreement for every concrete pressed piling repair project that they perform. 

Superior Quality Pier and Beam Repair

Before slab foundations became the standard for houses in Killeen, TX, homes were built on pier and beam foundations. Many foundation repair companies no longer have the expertise to repair this type of foundation, though homes in the area need it nonetheless. CenTex offers homeowners with these foundations the repair services they need. 

CenTex Foundation Repair technicians begin by shoring up the home so that it is secure enough to repair. Next, they will dig a hole that supports the pier that will be used in the repair and pour a foot-deep concrete pad at the bottom, installing several pieces of rebar for sturdiness. They will use a hydraulic jack to level the house, adding concrete forms once it is finished. 

Straight Forward Inspection Services

For foundation problems to be addressed properly, they must first be inspected by a qualified professional. CenTex offers transparent and accurate inspection services that will give customers an honest assessment of the condition of the home’s foundation.

Inspections are free for residents of Killeen, TX, and only $95 for those looking to move to the area. 

CenTex Offers the Best Foundation Services in Killeen, TX

CenTex first opened its doors in 1992 and immediately earned a loyal customer base in Central Texas. They pride themselves on offering transparent and honest foundation repair services. Visit https://welevelit.com/schedule to find out more and schedule an inspection today.

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