Dr. Jason Giles Announces Support Community To Foster Positive Mental Habits

July 16 23:24 2020
Dr. Jason Giles Announces Support Community To Foster Positive Mental Habits

Santa Monica, CA – VHAB, the company behind the revolutionary app of the same name, dedicated to helping people change their negative habits, is delighted to announce that the creator and founder of the company Dr. Jason Giles has launched a support community.  

The aim of the support community is as a further enhancement to people trying to change their habits, who want additional support and help. Regardless of how long a habit has been formed, it can be tough to break that habit, even with innovative tools such as the VHAB app. As a company, VHAB is prepared to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to support and assist people, regardless of the type of habit they wish to change, and are totally convinced of the importance of a support community

The hope is that the community will become a thriving online support system, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This would mean that regardless of time or time zone, people in need of help, advice, and support will be able to quickly and easily obtain it.  

“The problem with any bad habit is that it is very easy to slip back when challenges arise, however, determined a person is to succeed,” said Dr. Jason Giles of VHAB. “Although many people have had significant success with the VHAB app, I wanted to go the extra mile and put more strategies and systems in place to help people during a testing situation. I am confident that this new community will grow and develop over time, leading to many more success stories for our company and our customers.”  

VHAB is a new app designed to help anyone change their substance habits for good. It was created by a doctor who recovered from substance abuse. VHAB is for anyone struggling with the negative effects of drinking or drug use. For more information about the app currently free for the first week, visit their website at https://www.vhab.com/ 

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