AR+AI Key Players like WIMI, Apple, Microsoft and Google Competing in 5G Era

July 16 16:58 2020

Hong Kong – AR has a very good market prospect, especially with AI (artificial intelligence). AR is the carrier of AI, and AI provides content for AR. AI and AR are a perfect combination to provide accurate services according to actual needs. In recent years, AR has been widely used in medical, industrial, military and other professional fields.

A series of recent moves by the tech giant and related departments have proved that the AI era has arrived. China, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries have or plan to upgrade AI to the national strategy, and the global practitioners of science and technology are expected to become the leader of THE AI era through their increasing investment layout, with increasingly fierce competition.


1. Microsoft

Microsoft has been involved in machine learning since 1991 and now employs hundreds of scientists and engineers in dozens of research areas. In October 2017, Peggy Johnson, Microsoft’s executive vice President of business development, said the company’s investments would remain focused on AI technology. The company has made about 18 acquisitions in the AI sector over the past few years, and after announcing a restructuring last year, it has about 8,000 employees focused on the sector.

On May 7, 2018, Microsoft announced at its annual developer conference that it would implement the so-called “Accessibility” (accelerated) ai program, spending $25 million over the next five years. On May 21, 2018, it announced the launch of ONNX project and ML.NET open source cross-platform AI development framework at the 2018 Microsoft AI Conference, and added more new features to Microsoft Xiaoice. Microsoft will also launch three 100 programs on ARTIFICIAL intelligence, as well as an online artificial intelligence academy.

2. Google

Google by using AI technology to expand and optimized to improve its main business, such as smart home, autopilot, robotics, medical, space, new energy and other fields, Google has been trying to make the software and hardware with AI mutual confluence, for example, Google intelligent stereo, headphones, cell phone adopt the AI technology, such as Google’s Assistant, the Nest, it is the AI technology and one of them. And Google also strengthens the exploration in the AI basic technology. Therefore, Google released the artificial intelligence system TensorFlow in 2015 and announced open source. Besides TensorFlow, other deep learning tools include Caffe, CNTK, Theano, etc. Machine learning is the focus of Google in AI.

Another way for Google to expand the AI ecosystem is through investment, including AlphaGo, which attracted global attention. Moreover, in 2017, Google set up Gradient Ventures, a firm specifically for the expansion of AI ecology, to invest in early-stage AI startups. The company will invest between 10 and 15 deals in 2017, each worth between $1 million and $8 million.

3. Apple

Apple’s layout in the field of ARTIFICIAL intelligence is best known to the outside world, is represented by Siri voice applications. In addition, iPhoneX launched by apple in 2017 is a typical AI product. Apple added AI technology, AI chip, facial recognition and other black technologies into this product, opening the era of artificial intelligence for smart phones, and also representing the future direction of apple. And in recent years, apple has also intensify investment in the field of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence investment bought the company involved in speech recognition, natural language processing, image recognition, face recognition, motion capture, machine learning, and other fields, such as AI speech recognition technology company VocalIQ Turi, facial recognition, machine learning, company enterprise RealFace Lattice, and data company.

In addition, in recent years, Apple has invested and acquired at least 20-30 innovative or large companies every year to promote its development in the AI field.



As far as holographic vision is concerned, WIMI is the representative. The industry ecology of WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD covers many subsectors such as systems, platforms, development tools, applications and consumer content, etc. Weimei is positioned as an integrated service provider of the HOLOGRAM CLOUD industry chain centering on building content platforms and providing content.

HOLOGRAM CLOUD is a computer-vision HOLOGRAM CLOUD service provider. According to introducing, WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD cover from the holographic AI computer vision synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK pay, 5 g holographic communication software development, holographic development of face recognition, holographic AR technology such as holographic AI development in face of multiple links, holographic CLOUD is a comprehensive technology solutions provider. Its business application scene is mainly gathered in five professional fields, such as home entertainment, lightfield cinema, performing arts system, commercial release system and advertising display system.

Recently WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD extended its tentacles into semiconductors, announcing a joint venture to build a semiconductor chip business. It is reported that the semiconductor industry application demand in the field of holographic 3D vision is growing rapidly, so the company is trying to extend from the application layer to the chip field through the strategic direction of combining soft and hard software solutions of holographic 3D vision, namely the strategic derivative upgrade to the semiconductor field.

From a global perspective, countries and enterprises are accelerating the application of artificial intelligence technology to all aspects of human life, such as medical treatment, transportation, finance, entertainment and home furnishing, and accelerating the implementation of AI.

In addition, with the coming of AI technology, AI will replace human jobs. The application of ARTIFICIAL intelligence technology will improve labor productivity and reduce work intensity, so that human beings have more time to engage in knowledage-intensive creative activities and service industries with high employment flexibility.

As a revolutionary cognitive tool and efficiency tool in the “post-Internet era”, AR technology has become one of the key technologies to promote the revolution of intelligent manufacturing in various aspects. AR technology is running on the road of “industry 4.0”, and the combination of AR technology and AI is more favored by people, especially in intelligent manufacturing can play a huge role.

In the future, with the continuous integration of AR technology and AI, profound changes will take place in all fields of society. At the same time, the profound changes brought by AR technology will completely change our lives and become a breakthrough point to change the world’s technology.

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