The Value of N-95 NIOSH Surgical Respirator Masks

July 16 13:28 2020
The Value of N-95 NIOSH Surgical Respirator Masks

UNITED STATES – July 16, 2020 – N-95 NIOSH surgical respirator masks have emerged as the trusted safeguards for people who need to work and operate in situations where environmental and infection risks are present. FDA certified masks carrying the N95 designation can filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles when worn correctly. Recent research illustrating that droplets can travel more than 3 feet in the air after passing through cloth masks makes it clear that there’s no substitute.

The Key Things to Know About N-95 Niosh Respirator Masks

The reality of the COVID pandemic is that the practice of wearing masks has made a very sudden and dramatic leap from an exclusive subset of workers to the entire population. As a result, many people are merely using things like bandanas and homemade masks comprised of quilting fabrics to stay protected. It’s important to know that OSHA has made it very clear that cloth coverings are not appropriate substitutes for personal protective equipment (PPE) like N95 respirators or medical face masks in workplaces where respirators or face masks are recommended or required.

We’re looking at a perfect marriage of fit and construction when exploring why N95 masks are so valued. N95 respirator masks are specially designed and constructed to provide a very close fit against the face in a way that creates a “seal” around both the nose and mouth. Before COVID, these masks were almost exclusively used in industrial and construction settings. However, some N95 masks can take the place of a medical face shield in healthcare settings where it’s necessary to protect care providers and patients from the transfer of bodily fluids, microorganisms and particulates. Surgical N95s are tested for the following:

Fluid resistance.
Filtration efficiency for particulates and bacteria.

All FDA-cleared N95 respirators are strictly labeled as single-use devices that are to be disposed of after usage. The single-usage recommendation means that establishing a consistent, reliable supply chain for obtaining these masks. At the same time, demand is high as a result of COVID is an essential task for operators in the commercial, industrial and medical industries.

Sourcing N-95 Niosh Respirator Masks

Agencies like OSHA, the CDC and the FDA have been resoundingly clear about the importance of using N-95 NIOSH surgical respirator masks as the preferred options for industrial and medical face shields in professional settings. We know from recent studies that unregulated masks made from materials like quilting fabric don’t provide the barriers needed to prevent the spread of droplets. Secure Components is a leading supplier of FDA certified masks, N-95 NIOSH respirator masks, and other PPE equipment. As a company that provides emergency sourcing to the Department of Defense, we’re uniquely equipped to supply our customers in today’s high-demand environment. Secure Components has earned a reputation for being a highly credentialed, highly dependable distributor of critical materials that you can count on for effective, vetted safety supplies.

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