Now On Kickstarter, The Wagwaum App, An All-In-One Social Media Platform That Prioritises Security

July 16 00:16 2020
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a new social media application that challenges the norm!

The Wigwaum App, a new secure social networking platform, will make its European debut on November 1, 2020, and go worldwide in 2021. In anticipation of the upcoming launch, the Wigwaum App has announced a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to find early platform testers, each of whom will join Wigwaum on free six-month subscriptions and support a new generation of data security, privacy, and social connection.

A chance to be a social media rebel by challenging the status quo, Wigwaum testers will play an important role in shaping the future of the platform and social media industry. The first safe and secure alternative to traditional mainstream social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Wigwaum is unique in that is prioritise user safety and data security, and forces every new member to go through a biometric verification process that authenticates their identity using unique biological characteristics in minutes, ensuring no one can hide behind false profiles or undermine the value of transparency. 

Offering a range of social media apps and networks within the single Wigwaum App, users can engage, share, and explore various autonomous sections dedicated to life, love, work, and wellness. Creating a unique social media experience, users can explore their interests and connections and find a variety of features and communities with top-rated functionalities, including favorites from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. An all-in-one experience, users can pick and choose which categories and communities to engage in, and have seamless access to a personal network, business network, dating network, and wellness network. 

Common along all is Wigwaum App’s commitment to security and user data protection. With an ad-free experience, Wigwaum does not sell user data. For a limited time, support the Wigwaum App, or the first social media platform to have the full range of social media networks in one, on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from this campaign covers the Bio-metric security verification process, which is carried out by a 3rd party and is to the highest possible standards (Bank Industry Standard verification system). Backers can support this project for as little as £4 to receive a lifetime joining fee and a free six-month subscription and access to exclusive Wigwaums sections.  Best of all, is that you will get to play a vital part in the next social media revolution. All testers will be contacted at the beginning of September 2020 to confirm their names and email addresses, so act fast.


Wigwaum is a new social media application that challenges the norm.Built with absolute security from the outset, the Wigwaum app uses enhanced security features to safeguard security and transparency, while being the first social media platform to have the full range of social media apps in one.

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