API 6D Swing Check Valve Available At Energy Products Company As Cost-Effective Solution For Preventing Backflow In Pipelines

July 15 17:30 2020
API 6D Swing Check Valve Available At Energy Products Company As Cost-Effective Solution For Preventing Backflow In Pipelines
The API 6D Swing Check Valve features a robust stainless-steel trim and is a proven solution to prevent backflow in oil and gas pipelines. It is favored across industries because of its affordability and ease of maintenance.

The API 6D swing check valve present in its online inventory is favored by industries globally for a clear flow of oil and gas through pipelines. These swing valves conform to API 6D and ASME B16.34 specifications and ensure tight closure that prevents the contents of a pipeline from reversing and damaging equipment upstream. This swing check valve performs with different media and in different conditions.

The full-open design reduces turbulence and maintains regular flow even under low pressures. The valves can pass pigs and spheres smoothly. The peroxide-cured seals continue to function and provide a bubble-tight shutoff even under exposure to different types of media. The valve design features cast iron flanges for a sturdier build and reduced chances of leakage. The valves can be made available with a Canadian registration number. The flanges, being back faced, ensure a smooth bolting surface for even bolt loading when the valve is installed in the pipeline.

The API 6D swing check valve features a top entry for easy access to the inside of the valve. This in-line repairable valve enables easy clapper removal via a through-pin clapper shaft. This adds to the valve’s life by shifting the wear to a cheaper part that is easier to replace. This versatile valve can be used for vertical or horizontal flows. The valves, with a raised face or ring type joint flanges, can be installed on any pipeline.

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In their standard configuration, these valves have a bolted cover and a free-swinging clapper. The clapper is the closing member that responds to the prevailing flow conditions. All valves are full bore, full conduit design, and will allow the passage of various pipeline inspection gauges and spheres. The full-bore design ensures a low-pressure drop across the valve and less turbulence than with reduced bore valves or alternative designs of swing check valves. Weld end valves comply with ASME B16.25 unless otherwise agreed with the customer. Hub ends, and other specialty end connections are available upon request.

On the benefits of a renewable seat, it is field serviceable and facilitates the use of corrosion-resistant steels, overlays, and seat styles. Renewable seats are securely mounted inside the valve body using fasteners. The renewable seat option allows the repair or replacement of all the seat sealing elements in the valve. By having both the seat and clapper as separate parts from the body, a damaged valve can be restored to as-new condition and performance. A renewable seat also facilitates the use of different corrosion-resistant materials and modified seat designs to accommodate pipeline pigs.

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