Air Pollution Companion App for Tiny Portable PM2.5 Monitor

July 15 10:16 2020

Haifa, Israel – July 15, 2020 – BreezoMeter is excited to share the news of a PM2.5 Dosimeter demonstration app that was created in collaboration with Bosch Sensortec to help billions reduce their exposure to harmful air pollution.

The current proof of concept ‘Dosimeter’ companion app combines both BreezoMeter’s predictive air quality insights and up to date exposure information from Bosch Sensortec’s highly innovative PM2.5 sensor technology. By developing sensor technology designed to slot into a range of small devices such as smartphones, wearables and more, Bosch Sensortec’s portable PM2.5 sensor technology aims to solve the lack of reliable tools available for personal air pollution monitoring while on the move and indoors.

In addition to the highly personalized and accurate PM2.5 information recorded by Bosch Sensortec’s sensor technology, BreezoMeter’s predictive and real-time air quality insights help to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for users. In the event that the PM2.5 sensor becomes temporarily unable to collect information (for example, because it is in a bag or a pocket), BreezoMeter’s constant feed helps to ensure there are no gaps of information shown by the Dosimeter app.

By combining information recorded by Bosch Sensortec’s sensor technology with BreezoMeter’s air quality insights, individuals will become empowered to monitor their pollution exposure in a personal and reliable way. In turn, this actionable air quality intelligence will enable people to make healthier decisions on a daily basis, such as choosing a different time to go running, deciding on a different location to take the family to the park, opting to walk kids to school via a cleaner route, and much more.

“BreezoMeter’s goal is to help improve the health of billions of people worldwide so we’re naturally very excited to have played our part in this PM2.5 sensor technology development from Bosch Sensortec. This groundbreaking technology for personal air quality monitoring will literally help billions around the world receive actionable insights and take healthier decisions in response to their environment on a daily basis. We’re just at the beginning of a very exciting journey,” said Ran Korber, CEO at BreezoMeter.

For more information regarding Bosch Sensortec’s air quality sensor technology, download their latest white paper here.

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