The Epoxy Resin Store is a Leading Epoxy Resin Supplier Offering Services Nationwide

July 15 09:20 2020
The Epoxy Resin Store is a Leading Epoxy Resin Supplier Offering Services Nationwide

Lake Elsinore, California – The Epoxy Resin Shop is an online supplier of epoxy resins, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of the best epoxy resins at a national level. This family-owned business is not only famous for its wide range of products, but also for maintaining the highest standards in the manufacture of those, since they are all elaborated under strict ISO-certified guidelines, using the highest quality raw materials from nationally recognized suppliers such as Huntsman, Dow Chemicals and Air Products.  

In addition to crystal clear resin, The Epoxy Resin Store offers an extensive variety of products such as pearlescent Pigment Powders, Mica Powders, alcohol inks & dyes, epoxy resin for artwork, wood tables epoxy, penny floors, garage floor epoxy resin, jewelry casting, marine and boat repair using fiberglass, electrical potting epoxy resin, among other products. Furthermore, as the approved vendors for all Jacquard branded products, the company offers all of the colors, pigments, and dyes specially formulated to work with their epoxy resin.

“We know there are a lot of EPOXY RESIN OPTIONS on the market therefore we strive to set apart from our competitors by implementing a second-to-none manufacturing process. Our Epoxy Resin Store Formulas are is chemically engineered to offer the most efficient yellowing protection on the market. Our advanced UV stabilization additives provide superior, long-term clarity. This means you get the freshest batch available. You see, large box stores and even online brands often stock hundreds of pre-made material that sit for months. This takes shelf-life away from you,” said the spokesperson for The Epoxy Resin Store, regarding their unrivaled products.

Their special formula works perfectly in a variety of materials including wood, concrete, laminates, metals, corks, sand, paper, photos, rocks, marble, steel, granite, ceramics, among others. This versatility has made the trusted partner for clients of the different industries, including professional jewelry creators, garage floor installers, electricians, woodworkers making custom furniture, boat restoration specialists as well as DIY enthusiasts. 

Its special formula works perfectly on a variety of materials such as wood, concrete, laminates, metals, cork, sand, paper, photos, rocks, marble, steel, granite, ceramics, among others. This flexibility has made The Epoxy Resin Store the trusted partner of clients from different industries, such as professional jewelers, garage floor installers, electricians, custom furniture manufacturers, boat restoration specialists, as well as DIY enthusiasts. 

Unlike many of their competitors who make massive productions, 90% of the products manufactured by these top-rated epoxy resin suppliers are on-demand, ensures their clients that the quality and lifetime of their products are at the highest level the moment they open the box. Additionally, the company strives to ship their products in no longer than 5 business days, and more than half of their orders are delivered in a maximum of 3 business days, depending on the shipping areas. 

“I used this on a stand-up paddleboard I built. The resin is so thick the pump doesn’t work, but the pump for the hardener did. Make sure you mix it a lot to get the two together. At 60 degrees the cure time was hours so I had plenty of time to work with it. Nice clear finish and no smell what so ever.” Said one of their customers, about his experience buying products from The Epoxy Resin Store. 

The Epoxy Resin Store is located at 18510 Pasadena Street, Lake Elsinore, California, 92530. Contact them via phone at 800-930-7770 or via email at [email protected] For more information about their epoxy resin for sale, visit their website.

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