Promotes Incorporating a Chandelier into Home Decor

July 14 21:54 2020 Promotes Incorporating a Chandelier into Home Decor

Home improvements are on the rise these days. In fact, a recent report from the home improvement sector shows homeowners in the United States spent more than $407 billion on upgrades and renovations last year. Spending in this arena has been on a steady upward trend for the past decade, and analysts expect the uptick to continue during the years to come. Though homeowners put a great deal of thought into and get advice for the various components of their homes, many overlook the importance and potential decorative appeal of lighting. This single element can make a world of difference in the look and feel of a room.

Why Is Lighting Important?

Lighting is important for a number of reasons. On the more obvious side of the matter, it helps us see better and can go a long way toward preventing eye strain. Of course, if it’s too dim, overly bright, or placed in an area where it causes a glare, it may do more harm than good. Lighting can also contribute to or detract from a home’s energy efficiency. At the same time, it has the power to accent decorative pieces. In some cases, it’s a decorative aspect in its own right according to and other sources.

Exploring the Various Lighting Options Available

Countless types of lighting are on the market at present. Although standard ceiling-mounted globes and bare bulbs are certainly an option, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Table and corner lamps are popular, and numerous styles are available. Recessed lighting certainly has its place in various areas of the home as well. That being said, chandeliers like those available from Claxy and other retailers also are incredibly popular.

Chandeliers: Offering Endless Possibilities

Chandeliers date back to the 1300s based on historical accounts. Early versions were little more than small crossbeams equipped with candles and suspended from ceilings. Over the centuries, they became much more elaborate with many of them being made of crystal and designed for society’s wealthy and elite. 

Today, you’ll find an endless lineup of chandeliers on the market. They range from beautiful and intricate to simple and rustic. It’s even possible to transform everyday objects into gorgeous chandeliers that fit your personality and home decor. Whether you have a collection of deer antlers or an antique metal canister that you’d like incorporated into your decorative theme, it can be transformed into a lovely chandelier. Interior designers and lighting experts can offer ample advice on the appropriate proportions and placement of chandeliers based on the sizes of your rooms and other important aspects.


As mentioned in a recent article entitled “Interior designers reveal 13 things you should get rid of,” removing certain items can make a room feel much larger and more comfortable. Lighting often has the same effect. It can also complement other home improvement efforts.

Lighting isn’t the be-all and end-all of the home improvement industry, but it’s certainly an important aspect. While numerous lighting options are available, chandeliers remain popular among homeowners across the nation. They can be traditional and elaborate, have a more vintage appeal, or anything in between. Either way, this type of lighting can easily be incorporated into virtually any home. 

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