New EP “DA Vaccine” by Soulo Smith is Out Now

July 14 14:22 2020

Soulo Smith’s new EP “Da Vaccine” is fresh out on all streaming platforms available for streaming and downloading. In a time where uncertainty is in so many hearts and many people are awakening to the world’s corruption, Soulo Smith uses his musical talents to address it on a platform that he calls “Da Vaccine”.

The track list begins with “Diagnozed” which already catches attention with its weird spelling and the EP ends with a vibey and interesting track titled “Da Hulk”. Each song spelled awkwardly, and seeming to prepare you for the next this EP is one to remember. “Da Vaccine” is Soulo’s second EP of the infamous year of 2020 and each EP was written, recorded and produced by Soulo himself.

The mixing and mastering is credited to Enrico Piano and the eye catching artwork was done by Kaleidoscopic_. If you believe music is the cure. Check out “Da Vaccine” today.

Track list is as follows:

1. Diagnozed

2. Earborne (Prosper)

3. Stimuluz (My Money)

4. Da Vaccine

5. Mark of Da Beast

6. Da Hulk

Do yourself a favor and add Soulo Smith’s “Da Vaccine” to your playlist on Spotify and give it a repost on SoundCloud. If you love authentic and original sounds, then Soulo Smith is the hip hop artist to listen.

The difference between his music and many others is the way it makes you feel. There isn’t many rap artist that can tell a story and deliver such memorable knock out hooks the way Soulo does. He really highlights the talent from Philadelphia, PA and also gives hope to aspiring lyricists.

Please continue to support everything that Soulo Smith does because he is the future of entertainment and the game needs him. Follow him on his social media accounts @soulosmith and most importantly stream and download all of Soulo Smith’s music from his original single “Close Calls” with over 100,000 total plays worldwide on combined streaming platforms and growing; all the way to his latest single “Me No Copy” which he released June 19th, 2020 in the midst of world anger and reawakening of the racial divide and evident of police brutality, lack of world government leadership and and the truth of the reality of citizens most specifically Black Lives in the United States as well as the entire world continue to live under.

“Da Vaccine” is available on all major streaming platforms today:

“You’re Welcome”


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