Shield Clothing Co Launches $10,000 Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Clothing Line With Attached Masks and Built-in Pocket

July 14 13:30 2020

Shield Clothing Co is ensuring all hands are on deck with its latest clothing line that is primarily designed to have masks and built-in pockets for storage. The new clothing line will afford every school-age child and adult an opportunity to have masks readily available as masks are required in school and public places due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently ravaging the world. Shield Clothing Co is therefore so happy to announce the launch of a fundraising campaign that will help the brand to produce clothes with attached masks for children and adults. Shield Clothing Co currently holds a provisional utility patent (63101740) for attaching masks to clothing and having a built-in pocket. 

With the daily rising in number of COVID-19 patients, Shield Clothing Co perfectly understands the need and importance of masks for the prevention of coronavirus spread in public places, especially schools. It is a known fact that young children and adults all over the world find it hard to maintain a mask for a long time without soiling or losing it. This can then be harmful to their health, hygiene and safety. Hence, Shield Clothing Co now humbly requests the donation of everyone to expand on its clothing lines. 

The company has resolved to add hoodies and masks to the clothing, ensuring that everyone has access to useful and clean face masks at all times. It should be noted that the add-on pocket on each newly designed clothes by Shield Clothing Co will allow masks to be sanitarily stored. However, to successfully achieve this goal, Shield Clothing needs the collective financial support of everyone all over the world. Donors can contribute to this project through the official kickstarter page of the brand. 

“Shield Clothing Co is created to provide great clothing items that enhance the appearance, hygiene and personality of every user of our fashion products. This time around, we announce a $10,000 Kickstarter that is aimed at producing unique clothing lines that will include masks and built-in pockets. Be it hoodies, polos or long sleeve shirts, regardless of colors or size, we’ll include masks and a pocket where the masks will be sanitarily stored when not in use,” said Dane Berg, the project creator. “We believe with the support of every parent towards our Kickstarter campaign, regardless of color, geographical location, social standing or financial strength, we’ll be able to make the social media a decent yet learning place for every teenager.” He concluded. With a team of Jon Chazen, Brian LeMon and himself, the team accounts for over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurial and fashion experience. 

From putting the face masks in pocket with wallet, keys and money, to putting it on the dining table or forgetting it inside their car, people have been finding it hard to properly manage their masks, hygiene, hence creating sanitation issues for users. Shield Clothing Co has resolved to design perfect custom-designed masks carriers that are sewn into the front or back of the cloth.  This will vary in each clothing item. Shield Clothing Co will be starting this clothing line with men’s and women’s T-Shirts. Then, in no time, the brand will expand the line to include a youth line, hoodies, additional colors, artistic designs (Based on Collaboration), polos, long sleeve shirts and more:

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