Creative Diagnostics Offers High-quality Magnetic Silica Particles for DNA & RNA Isolation

July 14 18:09 2020
Creative Diagnostics has released high-quality magnetic silica particles for the isolation of nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) as well as large versus small fragments from various kinds of body fluids, which just takes 3 seconds for complete separation.

New York, USA – July 14, 2020 – Nucleic acid extraction (NAE) plays a vital role in molecular biology as the primary step for many downstream applications. And solid-phase extraction (SPE) is one of the most efficient NAE techniques available in the market. As a specialist in research and development of microparticles and nanoparticles, Creative Diagnostics releases five-star magnetic silica particles for DNA & RNA isolation.

• Brief Introduction of Creative Diagnostics’ Magnetic Silica Particles

Creative Diagnostics has developed the MagIso™ DNA & RNA Magnetic Silica Particles for rapid and reliable isolation of nucleic acid from full coverage of materials, including plant tissues, whole blood, serum, plasma, buccal swabs, saliva, bacteria, plasmids, forensic samples and other body fluids.

This kind of Silica Particles consists of magnetic cores encapsulated into the polymer matrix and silica coating with terminal functionalized groups, which allows them to be easily adapted to Magnetic Nucleic acid Extraction Instruments to realize automatic high-throughput and high-purity extraction and purification of DNA/RNA.

• Highlight Features of Creative Diagnostics’ Magnetic Silica Particles

The MagIso™ DNA & RNA Magnetic Silica Particles provided by Creative Diagnostics are highly flexible as they are suitable for both manual and automated high-throughput DNA/RNA isolation. The stable suspensions mean long gravity settling time and low sedimentation rate, which is about 30 minutes. Then, with excellent magnetic properties, these magnetic particles show a fast magnetic response as just taking 3 seconds for complete separation. High yields also serve as a key feature as this product can extract up to 10 µg of genomic DNA from 200 µL of whole blood.

“We promise reproducible results and lot to lot consistency in our magnetic silica particles. The nucleic acid isolated is pure and is immediately ready-to-use in the downstream application such as sequencing, in vitro transcription, restriction enzyme digestion, and or transfection of robust cell lines,” said a senior scientist at Creative Diagnostics.

• Other Silica Particles Products at Creative Diagnostics

Creative Diagnostics provides a comprehensive list of basic, coated, functional and conjugated silica particles. All the silica particles, with wide size ranges from 10 nm-20 µm, is of highly uniform size and shapes. They perform extremely stable in organic solvents and aqueous buffers and can be designed for the covalent binding of proteins, antibodies or other molecules. These first-rate silica particles products are available for various applications covering protein adsorption and separation, nucleic acid detection and purification, drug and gene delivery, imaging contrast agents construction, theranostics platform, etc.

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Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various nanoparticles, microparticles and their coatings for R&D and commercialization in a wide variety of application areas including in-vitro diagnostics, biochemistry, cellular analysis, cell separation, immunoassay. Creative Diagnostics is also dedicated to providing the most comprehensive list of products and fit-for-purpose custom design services to academia as well as industrial researchers and assay developers all around the world.

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