Computer Vaccine By Atense Cyber Defense Protects Enterprises And Government Agencies From Cyberattacks And Enables Fulfillment Of Regulatory And Contractual Obligations

July 14 10:06 2020
Computer Vaccine By Atense Cyber Defense Protects Enterprises And Government Agencies From Cyberattacks And Enables Fulfillment Of Regulatory And Contractual Obligations
Atense Cyber Defense has developed a full-spectrum cybersecurity software for businesses, enterprises, and government organizations to protect their computers and networks from cyber threats. The Atense computer vaccine is not inhibited by the shortcomings that impact even the latest anti-virus software.

Plano, TX – According to announcements released by Atense Cyber Defense and president, John Almeida, businesses and enterprises continue to grapple with cybersecurity threats even after deploying the latest anti-virus and anti-malware programs. The existing solutions cannot keep pace with the rapidly evolving threats. The Atense computer vaccine shields individual computers running the Windows OS even without any prior knowledge of a malware’s signature or security loopholes present in a network.

Businesses are bound by contractual and regulatory obligations to ensure robust cybersecurity. Maintaining constant vigil against cyberthreats across the length of the supply chain is a daunting task for businesses. It is further complicated by the interconnectivity of devices that include work computers, home computers, smartphones, and tablets. A breach anywhere can result in loss of revenue and reputation. 

Sources reveal that cybersecurity risks associated with third-party vendors are a key concern for businesses. The Atense computer vaccine addresses cyber threats, such as ransomware and phishing attacks on employees, and provides end-to-end data protection. It allows companies to confidently illustrate their preparedness to nullify cyberthreats, impress prospects, and gain business. Retailers, financial institutions, and healthcare services, are all vulnerable to cybersecurity risks that cannot be effectively handled by anti-virus software. Government organizations are particularly vulnerable to local and foreign internet attacks that target sensitive data and can also cripple essential services.  

Atense has launched a Kickstarter project for the Atense Computer Vaccine. For more information, please visit our Kickstarter page.

John Almeida, President of Atense Cyber Defense said, “Malware caused 20.1% of the total breaches in 2018, and ransomware 4.9%. The average number of security breaches per organization was 145 in 2018, with the average cost of $89,655 per breach, and the average total cost of cybercrime was $13.0 million. Atense’s Computer Vaccine acts like a front entrance to a computer controlling the programs which can and cannot run on the computer. Thus, requiring less cybersecurity personnel which translates into low costs for higher security.”

He continued, “Atense’s computer vaccine platform improves computer security, reducing 145 infections per organization a year by 25%, saving an average of $89,655 per prevented incident, while reducing cyber security’s management complexity, and thus, saving the yearly average of $3.25 million to each enterprise and government agency.”

On the crucial advantages offered by Atense over conventional anti-virus solutions, Almeida said, “Atense’s anti-malware DNA is the only solution which doesn’t require prior knowledge of malware, new or old. It doesn’t require any knowledge of network behavior. The solution stops all computer malware without knowing any malware’s signature. It is a complete shield for a computer, letting authorized software function without hindrance and stopping all computer malware. It is the first and only patented computer vaccine.”

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