Coffee Can Invigorate and Relax and Make Social Gatherings More Pleasant

July 13 08:50 2020
Nothing Screams Pleasure, Energy Enhancement and Relaxation Like a GREAT Cup of Coffee.

Coffee is really a universal pleasure.  It has been enhancing others’ lives for centuries.  Invigo Coffee, knows exactly how enjoyable coffee can be and seeks to provide the best quality coffee available to all their customers.  Although exact data on the actual history of coffee is apocryphal at best, coffee is recorded first during the year 1671, when an Ethiopian native in the Oromo region first chewed the beans and noticed an increase in energy.  The beans when chewed were just bitter but even at that early stage of coffee, methods of roasting and boiling soon became popular, and the resulting liquid is now universally enjoyed.

There are now enhanced flavours and different methods of enjoying coffee. 

Individuals worldwide do seek a high-quality flavour experience now that is also smooth.  International statistics indicate that it is still more popular than tea, and that many individuals not only start their day with coffee but drink it consistently throughout each day. Bitter coffee is no longer acceptable, and there is now an astounding array of flavours.  What is most popular also throughout the last decade is the use of coffee capsules, for the many types of coffee makers that need no real processes, just requiring users to fill with water, and then “pop in” a coffee capsule.  Invigo Coffee has both the flavours and the coffee capsules of the high quality that others are seeking.  Invigo Coffee prides itself on quality, and the flavours range from Classic, to Boost, as well as Chocolate, Vanilla, and one that others seem to love recently, Caramel. 

Because of the great fresh flavour of capsule coffee this type of coffee brewing is now used extensively.

Capsule coffee is sometimes referred to as “pods” but the two methods of encasing coffee are different.  “Pods” differ significantly in the composition of materials used to manufacture them, and capsule coffee has a stronger exterior, and cannot be used as interchangeably as pods.  However, the stronger exterior of coffee capsules keeps the coffee fresher and therefore there are capsule coffee enthusiasts globally.  Capsule coffee making machines are produced extensively for coffee capsule brewing, because of the capsules’ popularity. Each cup is made fresh, and much more quickly than standard drip-brewing methods.  

Coffee capsules and this brewing method just keeps gaining popularity.

Individuals can drink coffee morning, noon, and even at night, and a quick, fresh method of brewing is always welcomed.  Aficionados of coffee also demand quality, and variety, and Invigo takes pride in providing the efficiency of brewing, the quality of coffee and of course, the variety that coffee lovers seek.  Household usage in Canada alone of coffee capsules and this brewing method have been on the rise since 2015 and continues to grow.  Invigo Coffee can and will stay on top of this trend and can deliver right to one’s doorstep, making coffee even more simple and easy to enjoy now. 

About Invigo Coffee

Invigo Coffee specializes in premium coffee capsules.  Located in Concord, Ontario, it is possible to order online and have the coffee capsules delivered on a regular timetable to a home or office.  There are a variety of choices, from Classic to a robust grind called “Boost”, along with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Caramel flavours.  Orders can be placed through their website:  They have an email, and a currency converter that allows users to choose to pay in USD or CAD.  The website also has a shopping cart, and a “wish list” features so that consumers can save their choices for later ordering needs. 

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