Cambridge Medical Group Fast Rising As An Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

July 11 00:30 2020

A trend that is becoming popular in Singapore over the last decade is medical aesthetics. Once shunned and repeatedly talked about in pantry chats, there are now bloggers dedicating full blogs or Facebook to photos about their plastic surgeries. Trends in the recent decade, regardless, reveal a powerful and increasing group of confident young people that view medical aesthetic treatments as part and parcel of bringing out the potential in females. Part of the reason for the expansion in this space is the improvement of science. Tedious healing periods are no longer the norm and there can be cosmetic enhancements completed as speedily as 15 minutes. Aesthetic clinic Cambridge Medical Group is one of those that benefits from this rising trend as Singapore’s practitioners and aesthetic scene catch up with Seoul – the peak of medical aesthetic treatments. 

Rejuran Skin Treatment

Rejuran is one of the most desired procedures in Singapore’s cosmetic community, rivalling even that of the famous botox. A favourite of the cities of Seoul, Rejuran gained popularity following the rise of the perfect Korean celebrity look — exquisite, radiant and youthful skin that overcomes ageing. The important active component in Rejuran is a polydeoxyribonucleotide (called PDRN in short). It is known to give great benefits and countless dermatologists swear by it. Rejuran treatments have a downtime of around 3 to 5 days. After having a Rejuran procedure completed, patients may find it inconvenient to meet their friends for a period of time. Rejuran is typically priced between $900 – $1,100 for a full syringe, with clinics often split up treatments so they might convince people with a cheaper listed price.


Picolasers have become an aesthetic mainstay recently with their power to administer precise laser shots in smaller active durations as compared to laser discharge units of the previous types. Picolasers possess a host of  beneficial effects and can be administered for pigmentation removal, acne treatments, skin firming and many others.  Patients suited to undergo picosecond laser treatment include patients with age spots, liver spots, melasma, PIH and tattoos.

The laser discharges applied by the pico laser can the power to destroy pigmentation collections found deep within the skin. Your body will then cleanse these bits and pieces of pigmentation away naturally. The intensity of the pico laser defines it a regulated treatment that only accredited doctors may provide within Singapore. Picosecond laser treatments will not require more than 60 minutes out of your day. Sometimes, patients can experience some redness right after treatment, but expect this to fade soon.  Prices for a pico laser session range widely; hinging on, from $450-$1150 every session.

Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation in the skin is a well-known ailment when you may observe darker spots because of collections of pigment cells in the skin layer. Frequent exposure to UV rays from sunlight can potentially darken the existing spots or lead to more of these spots to grow. Thus, obviously the most common spots likely to develop pigmentation is the face, forehead, cheeks. Gaining a complete understanding of the cause of the pigmented spot is crucial to the effective pigmentation removal. For instance, how various symptoms of pigmentations can overlap others, with different manifestations of pigmentations placed in a chosen patch of the skin, but the effective treatment procedures of each pigmentation symptom can be completely different. Pigmentation might trigger post-inflammation or swelling, due to causes like insect bites, or chicken pox. Pigmentation due to such swellings are identified as post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH).

Proper identification of the type of pigmentation is crucial to successful removal of pigmentation. It is futile to haphazardly treat pigmentation issues. It crops up more often than you think, but it is easy for numerous conditions to do with pigmentation to be misdiagnosed as another condition due to the resemblence in appearance between certain conditions. There have even been a few cases of the pigmentation condition deteriorating from application of the wrong remedy. Still, patients are urged to source a few diagnoses from a minimum of two pigmentation related specialists before embarking on a particular treatment plan designed for your issue.

Treat Acne Scars

Acne scars are highly varied. Multiple types can afflict on the same patch of skin. Scars arising from acne terrifies doctors, simply owing to the reason that it is famous for being difficult to remove.To further complicate the things, difficulty of variables considered during the acne scar removal procedures is additionally compounded because each individual’s skin contains unique characteristics that could potentially sway the intended result of the treatment procedures. There exist several differing acne scar types and it needs a highly experienced medical professional to accurately advise on how they can be treated.

It might be tempting to believe there to be perfect treatment that can effectively treat all acne scars, but it simply doesn’t. Precisely administering the correct form of treatment procedure to the appropriate type of acne scar is important in getting best results for healing of acne scars. Seek advice from your trusted aesthetics or skin clinic or hospital for a tailored plan to remove the acne scars that plague you. Doctors use a range of tools, techniques and procedures to treat acne scarring. These involve lasers, chemical peels, subcisions and excisions. Costs, Mild to moderate severity: $2000-$3650, Severe: $3600-$7400

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