Serena DC’s New Celebrity Talk Show Hollywood Disclosure to Premiere on July 11 at 11am on FYI Network

July 10 18:16 2020

World renowned author, business mogul, and TV personality Serena DC is known for her open and honest attitude toward love, intimacy, and life. In her latest venture Hollywood Disclosure, a new celebrity talk show premiering July 11 on FYI network, Serena’s nurturing and empowering social skills have her guests opening up and sharing exclusive stories of vulnerability and transformation that will leave viewers inspired and awed. The show will also be part of FYI network’s new reality series Dream Life, which is scheduled to be released later this year.

Simply put, Serena asks the questions we all have been asking about the stars we’ve been obsessing over for years. The larger than life romances. The break ups. The highs and the lows. It seems like the media painted a pretty picture of this all for us to digest, but what really happened behind closed doors? Well, Serena is about to find out…

This season, Hollywood Disclosure viewers can really see behind the facade of glitz and glamour and learn that these stars are real people, face real monumental challenges, and also bleed when they’re cut (just like us!). Throughout each episode Serena DC guides us on an emotional journey through the lives of her guests with hopes that their stories can inspire the viewers to believe that they can overcome even the unfathomable. We also learn that sometimes those we believe to be living the best lives can often have the most challenging.

Hollywood Disclosure holds an allstar and diverse cast of successful and influential icons, such as Caitlyn Jenner, Tara Reid, Corey Feldman, Colin Eggelsfield, Deepek Chopra and Daniel Goddard, each with their own unique stories and take-aways of surviving and thriving.

“I wanted to be part of something that injected positivity into the world so that I could help build people up and inspire viewers to be kinder to the people around them and also to celebrities,” Serena says.

Hollywood Disclosure was created for a post Covid-19 world that is starving for truth, emotional honesty, inspiration and encouragement. Each episode features a new topic of conversation and addresses important issues that everyone can relate to. Conversations focus on, but are not limited to, struggles with mental health, familial and child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, activism, past love lives, infidelity, keeping a healthy marriage in the midst of Hollywood fame, and identifying needs within a relationship.

“In the show, Tara Reid talks about the horrific trolling she has experienced throughout her entire life” says Serena, “Caitlyn Jenner discusses how TMZ told her they were going to out her as trans which almost led to her suicide. Trolling in Hollywood is no joke.”

Hollywood Disclosure provides viewers an opportunity to learn how celebrities transformed their lives while also serving as a reminder that everyone starts somewhere and we should never give up working toward what we love. The lessons Serena and her celebrity guests share invite viewers to navigate their own challenges and create lasting changes in their lives.

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