Introducing MOBAM (an iPayTotal Product), A Digital and Automated Merchant On-Board Solution, Harnesses Innovative Technologies To Revolutionise Payment Processing Efficiency

July 10 17:51 2020
MOBAM invests in the future to offer merchants smart digitalization solutions for the modern payment. Committed to safety and security, MOBAM guarantees the whole payments process from checkout to the final statement, unlocking groundbreaking benefits unmatched by other white label automated onboarding and payment service providers.

MOBAM, a digital and automated merchant solution provider, has announced it will begin offering its merchants a revolutionary intelligent systems platform that provides low-risk and increases return on investment. A new, smart tailored feature pioneered by the evolving UK-based tech company, MOBAM will empower its merchants to experience reduced risk, fast document processing, high performance, and full API integration. 

A leader in the card acceptance market, iPayTotal has been serving all-sized companies with innovative solutions and technologies. Introducing MOBAMan iPayTotal innovation to Support the rapidly changing landscape of the merchant and market industry, businesses and their consumers are routinely seeking solutions that go beyond traditional white label automated onboarding and payment service providers. Streamlining operations through automation and profile management, MOBAM delivers real-time onboarding statistics and manages to amplify the customer experience, improve underwriting, increase productivity, and reduce system gaps. 

Foundationally created to facilitate agile, high-performance APIs for underwriting, boarding, terminal management, and pricing, MOBAM enables instant processing of transactions with full integration potential. Responding to the evolving needs of the merchant and payments industry, MOBAM understands the impacts of digitalisation and payment facilitation. Online transactions, growing in number with the development of e-commerce markets, are facilitated by payment gateways and processors globally. But with MOBAM, anyone can integrate payment options and processing into their business, with a guarantee of efficiency, safety, and security through the payments process from checkout to the final statement. Processing for multiple payment methods with fraud protection and direct connections, MOBAM manages to reduce costs, optimise results, and improve processing times, delivery times, documentation times, and system accuracies.

“There are hundreds of millions of consumers that are under-banked and in queues for cash checks and payments,” remarked Jason Smith, Marketing Head “At MOBAM, our mission is to eliminate the mundane and make the onboarding journey intelligent and delightful using automation and personalisation. Each day, we accomplish this mission for merchants and consumers around the world.” 

Providing all the benefits of efficiency payment processing in a seamless, integrated package, MOBAM empowers merchants with an intelligent systems platform that creates a better return on investment. Using the latest technologies and pre- and post-integration supports, MOBAM merchants find themselves supported by a growing team of passionate professionals with decades of experience keeping businesses safe and secure.


MOBAM is a digital and automated merchant solution provider based in London, England. A fast-growing tech company, MOBAM is empowering merchants and consumers with fast payment processing, reduced risk, high performance, and API integration. A Visa, MasterCard, and American Express partner, MOBAM uses a team of industry professionals to integrate leading technologies and solutions that keep businesses safe and secure and exceed the demands of the online financial transaction worldwide.

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