Faverou Is Reshaping Celebrity Engagement through Personalized Video Shoutouts

July 10 01:16 2020
Celebrities from different walks of life are integral to people’s lives. Fans line up for hours just to get a glimpse of the stars. However, it is practically impossible for public figures to interact with each and every fan. Faverou bridges this gap between Celebs and Fans.

What is Faverou?

Faverou is a celebrity-engagement platform that provides fans with an opportunity to receive personalized video shoutouts from their favorite celebs for any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and other life celebrations.

“We see it as a win-win scenario. Fans get to hear from their favorite celebs address them by name, while celebs can connect with their fans on an emotional level and inspire them with their messages.” – Shweta Sinha, Actor and Entrepreneur

“With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the entertainment industry, celebs have both time and opportunity to stay in touch with their fans. We are also bringing our B2B partnerships to drive buzz marketing for small and medium enterprise where we get the talent from the platform and channel at the same time” – Jag Upadhyay, Founder

How Does It Work? 

Faverou signs up celebrities with fan appeal on its platform. All a fan has to do is visit the website, book the celebrity of their choice for a personalized video shout-out, and pay the listed fee. Interestingly, users also have the option to share the points-based which they would like the celebrity to create the video.

Once done, the celebrity makes the video and shares it with the fan through Faverou. It is that simple! To put it simply, Faverou has figured out a way to narrow down the barrier between fans and celebrities.

Personalized Video Shoutouts

Personalized video shoutouts are gaining a lot of traction globally – thanks to the power of social media. Fans all across the world are appreciating the concept. In fact, they are using it in creative ways. Personalized video shoutouts are being bought as gifts for loved ones, quick business promotion videos, or even as answering machine/ voicemail messages. Apart from celebrities, Faverou is also being looked at as a low-barrier solution to get in touch with brand influencers.

All in all, people are embracing the concept of personalized video shoutouts. While there is a huge market to tap into, it would be interesting to see the growth trajectory of platforms like Faverou. 

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