Artist Nuveau proves that musical talent surpasses all other barriers with his latest single “When I call you”

July 10 00:56 2020

Having been a part of the music industry for many years, Nuveau is an accomplished artist from Miami, Florida, who has had an interesting musical journey. He has had some good as well as bad experiences along his path to success, where he cherishes the good ones while learning from the bad ones. He started his musical journey at a church in a group of four boys. But life had other plans for him. So here he is today, releasing his solo with a new and unique sound of his own, and leaving the world wonder in awe of his talent.

Nuveau released his latest single titled “When I call you” on July 6, 2020. This track is an introduction to the world of the amazing artist that Nuveau is. “When I call you” will let the world know about the amazing music-making capabilities and sense of rhythm of this artist. This track is a masterpiece handcrafted by Nuveau to make it nothing less than perfect. This song is soothing and refreshing, the best choice to tune into after a long or tiring day at work.

Telling about his musical journey, Nuveau says, “I performed at the church in a group of 4. In the end, the group came down to two people, me and JB. Together we formed a group called the Fresh Fellas. A year after forming the group, we met Ludas Charles, who would become our producer and friend as well. We did a lot of songs together and promoted ourselves tirelessly, and in 2005 it paid off. After some time, we three decided to merge our sounds and form a group call Project1804 (eighteen-O-4). We melded Pop/Rock, R&B, and Hip-Hop together. Officially we were more of a band and we had awesome success but on a small level. Eventually, that band fell too, and now I am the lone wolf in my journey.”

The saying “Grow through what you go through” fits him perfectly, as he has evolved through everything he has been through and has come out 10 times stronger. Nuveau puts everything that he has learned through the years, into his song-making, including JB’s singing style, and Ludas’ beat style. He feels that no age, gender, race, or creed could ever stop you from perusing your dreams if you are passionate enough. Talent surpasses all other barriers.

Nuveau believes that the seriousness has engulfed the world right now, and even though the time is a little unfavorable for all of us, we must not forget to love and care for our friends and family.

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