Leading Manufacturer of Nuts Roasting Machines Completes Two Decades in Business

July 09 10:40 2020
Ozstar Machinery, established in 2000, has further cemented its status as one of the leading manufacturers of food processing machinery across the globe after completing twenty years in the industry.

Özstar Machinery, one of the leading manufacturers of nuts roasting machines has successfully completed two decades in business. Having been established in 2000, the company has now cemented its legacy at the top of its industry by producing high quality food processing machinery for over twenty years.

The company’s core specialty has always been manufacturing dried nuts processing machinery especially for frying, sieving, hull cracking, blanching, roasting, coating and enrobing. Furthermore, Özstar Dried Machines are also useful for coffee beans. The leading manufacturer’s portfolio of products comprises some world-class industrial roasters. These roasters have a multitude of accessories along with various capacities.

According to the company spokesperson, the two decade-long legacy has only been possible through a deep-rooted passion for building lasting relationships. “Our passion for exceeding expectations is unparalleled. We consider it our purpose to develop and sustain lasting relationships with our customers and their communities.” The spokesperson further added, “We love serving our customers the best of the technologies in order to help them grow.”

The spokesperson’s words reflect the company’s service, as each of their products are delivered with a policy of zero compromises on quality, which provides unmatched performance for the customers who utilize them. According to the CEO of Özstar, “We constantly renew ourselves with cutting edge technologies and our experienced staff strives to provide only the best and most reliable service to our esteemed clientele.”

With that being said, over the years Özstar Machinery has evolved to a level where it is now among the industry leaders when it comes to nuts roasting machine products. Currently the company has a global base of customers with clients all over the world. It seems like this global base will keep growing for years to come.

About Özstar Machinery

Özstar Machinery is a leading manufacturer of food processing machinery. The company was established in 2000 and after two decades in service, it currently has a global clientele across the industry, with a range of high quality industrial roasters.

For more information, visit the company’s website at http://www.ozstarmakina.com/en

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