New Artist Joshua Jenkins Has a Personality Like None Before

July 09 10:40 2020
He has released 4 mixtapes in two months including two singles: “Devour You in Flames” and “House of Pain” with much more to come.

Saginaw, MI, USA – July 9, 2020 – Joshua Michael Jenkins aka Joshua Michael as taken the tri cities by storm. He has released 4 mixtapes in two months including two singles: “Devour You in Flames” and “House of Pain” with much more to come. The best part is he started from a cellphone and a little bit of money. With those resources created his first single. With his lyrics and distinct voice which gives a natural feel with an acapella voice he has started his own trend.

His music is now being promoted in the United States. Joshua has started over so many times that he doesn’t fear failure or rejection. Coming from poverty and dealing with a chronic illness (Crohn’s Disease) he is an inspiration to all of us. He has done a lot in his 28 years. His most memorable was a speech he gave to a crowd of people in Tuscaloosa, AL in 2015 when tensions where high about racism and police brutality. “This time I’m kind of sitting back because everyone is looking to make a point and not a solution. If you see a person as a race or color and not a part of the human race then your tribal mentality makes you some part racist. You can’t be pro or anti anything and want equality that is hypocritical because you’re doing the same thing you’re accusing other races of and that will be used against you somewhere down the line. I’d rather just let the so called experts handle it. Everyone has the answer nowadays and debating with a justified individual has the potential to become very passionate if not messy.”

Joshua loves the life of a normal man but understands he can’t forever as his popularity grows. He was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, lives in Saginaw, Michigan, but loves to spend most of his time in San Jose, California.

It has been an amazing journey as we get to watch one man start from the ground up out of poverty and sickness. There is no doubt within a few years he will be among the top artists in the country. His international fan base is also extremely supportive.

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