“Hungry Trails” Takes Literary World by Storm: Máire Malone’s Novel Captivates Readers and Critics Alike

April 13 23:10 2023
"Hungry Trails" Takes Literary World by Storm: Máire Malone's Novel Captivates Readers and Critics Alike
Author Máire Malone’s second novel, “Hungry Trails,” has received widespread acclaim for its evocative portrayal of the Irish potato famine. The book has garnered multiple awards and high ratings from prestigious literary organizations. The novel is celebrated for its detailed descriptions, immersive narrative, and powerful themes of resilience and self-discovery.

Hertfordshire-based author Máire Malone has received widespread praise for her second novel, “Hungry Trails,” an evocative tale that transports readers to the heart of the Irish potato famine. The book has been honored with multiple awards and high ratings from prestigious literary organizations.

Literary Titan has awarded “Hungry Trails” their prestigious Gold Literary Titan Book Award, citing Malone’s “exquisite prose and rich descriptions” that immerse readers in the vivid world of the Foley family. The Historical Fiction Company also gave the novel a five-star rating and the Highly Recommended award of excellence, highlighting Malone’s skillful narrative and detailed portrayal of Irish history.

Independent Book Review called “Hungry Trails” a “heartrending tale of resilience,” praising Malone’s “ability to immerse us in this poignant account of resiliency.” Kirkus Reviews described the novel as “touching, atmospheric, and culturally rich,” emphasizing the importance of Julie’s narrative in capturing the spirit of the 19th-century immigrant.

Readers’ Favorite awarded “Hungry Trails” 5 stars and a Highly Recommended, with reviewer Edith Wairimu celebrating the novel’s striking imagery and moving scenes. OnlineBookClub reviewer Grace Lee Rose also gave the book a five-star rating, recommending it to readers seeking inspiration for facing their fears and pursuing a better future.

“Hungry Trails” is available for purchase on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Don’t miss this unforgettable literary journey that explores themes of self-discovery, resilience, and familial sacrifice.

About the Book

Amid the harrowing Irish potato famine, sixteen-year-old Julie Foley and her family faces eviction and unthinkable despair. Offered a chance at salvation, they brave the perilous ‘coffin ships’ en route to North America. Haunted by the horrors left behind, Julie clings to her dream of becoming a teacher. In the unforgiving world of Griffintown, Montreal, and under the cruel watch of her wealthy employer, Julie must summon her unwavering faith and determination to keep her dreams alive. ‘Hungry Trails’ is a riveting tale of resilience, where even the smallest hope can bloom like a flower in the harshest conditions.

About the Author

Máire Malone, a captivating Dublin-born storyteller, began her journey as a medical secretary before following her passion for the human experience to the UK. There, she delved into the intricacies of Arts and Psychology, ultimately embarking on a fulfilling career in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Máire’s poetic prowess has been widely recognized, with her works featured in Ver Poets and various anthologies, as well as in collections curated by Robin Barratt. Her short story successes include prize wins in Scribble magazine and being shortlisted in the 2018 Words and Women Competition.

In 2017, Máire’s undeniable talent earned her a coveted spot in the Novel Studio Course, where she completed a draft of her mesmerizing debut novel, The Dream Circle. This enchanting work garnered international acclaim as a Finalist in the 2019 Eyelands International Book Awards, with The Irish Echo in New York publishing an essay celebrating its brilliance in July 2019.

Máire’s captivating flash fiction has graced the pages of the renowned anthology, Story Cities: A City Guide for the Imagination, published by the prestigious Arachne Press in 2019. Her literary prowess has garnered attention, leading to multiple engaging radio interviews. Most recently, she lent her eloquent voice to Martin Logan’s “Out and About Manchester” Irish Radio Show. Furthermore, on Saturday, December 17th, 2022, Máire had the honor of being a distinguished guest on Nessy Monaghan’s acclaimed program, “The London Ear.”

Now, Máire masterfully weaves tales of the Irish Famine in her latest novel, bringing to life the courage and resilience of her ancestors. She resides in Hertfordshire, where she continues to create stirring stories alongside her beloved husband.

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