ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. is Getting Ready for Auto Shanghai 2023 with Innovative Automobile Showpieces

April 13 21:34 2023

The 2023 Shanghai Auto Show is scheduled to take place from April 18–27. For this edition, the theme is “Embracing the New Era of the Auto Industry.” As one of the most distinguished exhibitors, ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese manufacturer of micro-drive systems and precision components, will showcase its innovative automobile products and sustainable solutions at hall 2.2 2BA015.

Centered around a hollowed-out acrylic automobile model, ZHAOWEI ’s exhibition booth is divided into two parts: the dynamic in-car display area and the exterior static display area.

The dynamic in-car display area showcases the products that can be electrically controlled to operate their function. By observing closely, customers can acquire a tangible sense of how the products work. The representative products in this area are Central Control Screen Rotary Actuator, Central Control Screen Oscillating Actuator, and Automotive Flip-screen Drive System.

The Central Control Screen Rotary Actuator adopts a mechanic that integrates DC brushless motors, first stage worm gears and parallel transmission structure to drive the 0-90° horizontal and vertical rotation of the central control screen. A buffer mechanic is added to the block position to achieve more stable rotation.

The Central Control Screen Oscillating Actuator adopts a mechanic that integrates DC motors, parallel and worm-drive transmission to reduce RPM and increase torque. It can drive the spindle on which the central control screen is mounted achieving 15° left and right rotation, thus orient the screen to the driver or Front-seat passenger. It can be used together or separately with the rotary actuator.

The Automotive Flip-screen Drive System adopts a DC motor and a worm gear transmission. By utilizing the thrust of the push rod and the gravity of the display screen, the intelligent opening and closing of the car’s Ceiling mounted screen is achieved. Also, the combination of a locking device and locking buckle stabilizes the opening angle to prevent screen shaking.

The exterior static display area showcases products that statically installed on the automobile body. With the aid of 3D videos played on corresponding i-pads, the customers can observe the detailed structure and mechanism of these products. Here are some key products to be exhibited:

The Hidden Door Handle actuator adopts DC motors, worm gears and screw drive units. As motor rotates, the screw on the worm gears is driven to move back and forth to drive the concealed door handle to conceal and pop out.

The Electric Tailgate Actuator adopts precision gearboxes and compact transmission structure.The threaded spindle performs linear drive under the joint force of the main shaft drive system’s push rod motor and tailgate gearbox. The threading spindle fixed on the inner side of the outer tube drives the spreader bars to stretch out and draw back, thereby opening and closing the tailgate.

The Lifting Rear Wing Actuator adopts a compact design of DC motors, planetary gearboxes and parallel transmission mechanic to reduce speed and increase torque. The rear wing raises and descends driven by the connected shaft. This mechanic avoids the complex force of airflow on rear wing while changes its angle, thus improves stability.

Also, ZHAOWEI Hidden Radar, EPB Actuator, and Two-wheel ABS Drive System will be showcased in the exterior static display area for viewer’s better view experience. These high-end technological products represents ZHAOWEI ’s idea of safety and smart driving.

After years of endeavors, ZHAOWEI ’s technologies have been applied to major automobile parts including automobile body, intelligent cockpit, and automobile chassis. Guided by the idea of “Committed to progress in the field of micro-drives to create a smarter and better life”, ZHAOWEI is blazing a path on leading the development of intelligent automobile industry. ZHAOWEI is willing to establish business relationships with customers around the world. Please feel free to wander around our booth to know more about us. 

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