Healing Trauma Through Love – Brenda Caster’s Newly Released Book Shares Vital Lessons for Truly Authentic Living

April 13 20:43 2023

Waitsfield, Vermont, USA – April 13, 2023 – Community builder and resource specialist Brenda Caster has now released her book, A Stroke of Luck: A Near-Death Story of Releasing Heartbreak, Pain & Trauma to Find the Life Meant for You. This book is a poignant representation of the strength and resilience needed to deal with a near-death experience. Putting a spotlight on the struggles faced by individuals and families impacted by a stroke, Brenda’s book inspires hope and celebrates the power of the human spirit.

A Stroke of Luck is one woman’s story of recovering from a near-death experience, and regaining control over one’s life. After being impacted by a rare type of stroke called Wallenberg Syndrome, Brenda continues to heal emotionally and spiritually with the power of love, while learning vital life lessons along the way. By being vulnerable and sharing her story openly with readers, Brenda starts an emotional discourse that urges readers to seek resolution from their own limiting blocks in life and rise above adversity. With her inspiring story, she imbues readers with the courage needed to seek answers for their innermost spiritual questions and start a positive self-dialogue. In addition to sharing how she draws strength and resilience from intention, prayer, meditation, and community, Brenda also shares 11 important life lessons that she has learned on her path to recovering from trauma, taking control of her life, and letting love be the ultimate healing force.

As the survivor of a devastating illness such as a stroke, Brenda knows firsthand the challenges of facing unexpected life events. Brenda is highly passionate and proactive about helping people heal from trauma and start on their transformative life journeys. She has spent several years sharing the power of intentional communities as well as her knowledge from her certified training in both Emotion Code and Body Code practices.

Brenda is on a continuous quest to improve her gifts and further help as many people as she can. Being highly integrated with creative and spiritually led communities, Brenda is always working on projects that help people live better, while creating a positive impact.

A Stroke of Luck: A Near-Death Story of Releasing Heartbreak, Pain & Trauma to Find the Life Meant for You is now available on Amazon.com.

Book Preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C1PCPPGC

About Brenda Caster: https://www.amazon.com/author/brendacaster

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