Award-Winning Rooflight Company Offers Style and Functionality with its Revolutionary Flat Rooflights

April 13 20:16 2023
Ofset Ltd is a leading rooflight company specializing in high-quality skylights and flat rooflights designed with quality, functionality and efficiency in mind.

Rooflights and skylights let in a flood of natural light while adding a touch of class to any house or building. A reliable and professional rooflight company can supply anyone with these extraordinary windows, and Ofset Ltd is among the best in the business. 

Ofset Ltd is a Lincolnshire-based company that designs, manufactures, and installs a personal brand of flat rooflights called Blades for residential homes and commercial businesses. All windows, even fixed and opening skylights, are made based on the needs and want of each customer, offering a bespoke approach. 

With decades of experience in design, manufacturing, and construction, Ofset Ltd is passionate about giving clients the best service possible. The company uses only the highest quality materials and works closely with architects, builders, and homeowners to provide customized solutions. 

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Ofset Ltd’s main product offering is The Blade, the first in a series of appealing and minimalist flat frameless rooflights possessing a distinctive floating design, unrivalled solid construction and thermal performance. The Blade is available in many frame colours, glass tints, and painted border options. It is also easy to clean and is custom-made to fit any size or specification. 

In addition to the Blade, Ofset Ltd offers an even larger version called Bigger Blades.  The Bigger Blades come in one piece or can be multi-sectional and are double or triple-glazed. Individual Bigger Blades are 6000mmx3200mm, and the multi-sectional version is 6400mmx6000mm. They are heavy, so the frames come unglazed, and construction cranes are used to place the rooflights. 

Ofset Ltd now offers a new product called the Blade Lite, a lightweight version of the Blade that comes at affordable prices. The Blade Lite is a fully framed window and not a stick-on, ensuring the architectural beauty and aesthetics of a finely crafted product.  This rooflight has been called the most beautiful rooflight in the UK, adding to the prestige of Ofset Ltd. 

The Ofset Ltd website can help them create their perfect Blade rooflight with Bladebuilder, a tool that enables customers to customize rooflights to their specifications. In addition, the company offers additional services, including design consultancy, technical support, and installation services. 

The company is confident in the quality of its products and backs its rooflights with a lifetime guarantee. Ofset Ltd also offers a money-back guarantee and has a 3-week delivery policy. If a customer is unsatisfied with their window, the company will give a full refund and take it back without any problem. 

Its dedication to quality and service has earned Ofset Ltd multiple awards, including Best Roof Glazing Company UK 2022 and the BUILD customer service excellence award 2022. Clients can trust Ofset Ltd to tell them the truth about products, lead times, and information and refuse to under-specify products. 

Ofset Ltd is committed to sustainable business and reducing its environmental impact. The company supports reforestation and has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant five trees for every product sold. This initiative aims to make the world greener, and Ofset Ltd is proud to be a part of it. 

Past customers have praised the professionalism, service, and product of Ofset Ltd. The company has a 4.8 rating on Google, a 5-star rating on and a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot. With an unmatched product and high-quality service, it is no mystery why Ofset Ltd is a leader in the rooflight industry.

About the Company:

Ofset Ltd is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality rooflights and skylights. It offers rooflights for both residential and commercial applications, including fixed, opening, and bespoke skylights. The windows Ofset Ltd makes and distributes are called Blades, and it offers larger versions called Bigger Blades and new lightweight versions called Blades Lite. The company prides itself on using only the highest quality materials and working closely with architects, builders, and homeowners to provide customized solutions that meet their needs. It also offers additional services, including design consultancy, technical support, and installation services.

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