Learning More Information of RM02-001 Disposable medical Suction catheter

April 13 13:58 2023

Product Description

Made from non-toxic , non-irritant soft PVC

Distal end is opened with two lateral eyes

Four kinds of connector available: T-type connector, Y-type connector, Cap-cone connector, Plain type connector,

Color coded for size identification

With X-ray or without is available

Standard Tube Length : 50 cm

Size : Fr 5 – Fr 24

CE Certificate, ISO 13485 can be approved

OEM & ODM are available


It is composed of joint and tube, its surface is smooth, it has no burr, it has no harm and stimulation to patient; the tube is transparent, it has not other matters and impurities, it assimilates sputum smoothly, but it has no shrunken phenomena. All parts adopt the medical material which conforms to the requirements, it is asepsis, innocuity, no pyrogen after sterilized by radiation, it is convenient to use. It has no cross infection because of single use.

Suction Catheter consist of soft plastic medical tubing and a finger-controllable connector . The distal end is smooth and rounded with two non-opposing lateral eyes for patient comfort and efficient aspiration . Different sizes of catheters have different colored connectors . The design of the connector is such that suction can be applied with or without finger control . With X-ray or without , Transparence or translucence is available.


for use in the respiratory tract , single use only

Smooth satin finish tube for easy passage without lubrication through tracheal and tracheotomy tube with less irritation to the patient . With an emboss inside glove or without glove can be at buyer’s option .

Size : Fr 5 – Fr 24 , tube and connector length 50cm or Fr 5 – F 8 , standard tube length 40 cm

         F 10 – Fr 24 , standard tube length 45 cm

And the Connector length is 3 cm / 4 cm / 5 cm .

Material : Made from non-toxic , non-irritant soft PVC

Expiry date : 5 years

Store claim : store in dark , dry and clean conditions , do not give heavy press


1pc in PE packing or Blister packing

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