Accountable.Live Combines Humans With AI To Help Entrepreneurs With ADHD Overcome Roadblocks To Success

April 13 16:30 2023

Accountable.Live is a revolutionary new platform that was created specifically to help entrepreneurs with ADHD achieve their dreams. Founded by Ian Tenenbaum, Accountable.Live is building a hybrid platform combining expert human coaches with the latest artificial intelligence to offer personalized support, daily accountability, and community engagement – all without the high costs of executive coaching. Through this innovative platform, entrepreneurs with ADHD can now get the guidance they need to reach their most ambitious goals.

At the heart of Accountable.Live lies a web-based tool that grants users the freedom to pick the most suitable communication methods for their needs, including but not limited to Slack, WhatsApp, email, text messages, and video calls. In addition to this, the platform delivers personalized resources and one-on-one coaching sessions with seasoned experts. Users can define their objectives, acquire guidance on how to accomplish them, and network with supportive individuals in a positive setting. Furthermore, the platform accentuates accountability by issuing reminders and alerts to help users stay organized and committed to their responsibilities.

“Utilizing my 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience and my own struggles with ADHD, I recognized the need for an accessible, affordable, and effective solution to help individuals take control of their productivity,” says Ian. “However, as someone who has hired and leveraged executive coaches in the past, I also understood the limitations of traditional coaching models and the high costs associated with them.

The potential benefits of this platform are immense for entrepreneurs with ADHD who have faced challenges reaching their goals due to a lack of structure and focus in their lives. With the personalized support of experienced coaches combined with the community engagement available through the platform, these individuals can now take control of their lives and realize their highest ambitions.

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