The Million-Dollar Blueprint: How Besi Dauti Turned His Passion for E-Commerce and Online Business into a Lucrative Coaching Career

April 13 10:45 2023
Besi Dauti went from an immigrant to a millionaire with his e-commerce expertise. Utilizing this experience and success, he now coaches others with Nomad Vibes Academy and Innoversity.

Besi Dauti’s journey from a poor Albanian immigrant to a millionaire entrepreneur in Switzerland is nothing short of inspirational. As a young man, Besi realized that in Switzerland, everything is possible if one works hard enough. However, he also learned that success does not come easily, and it requires determination, perseverance, and a never-give-up attitude. 

Besi Dauti’s entrepreneurial journey 

Besi started his entrepreneurial journey with several startup ideas, all of which failed. He hit rock bottom and fell into a deep depression, which led him to lose all of his savings. However, Besi did not give up. He found a new purpose when he discovered E-Commerce and started selling baby products online. His business took off, and he quickly realized that he had found his calling. 

Besi’s success allowed him to quit his job and embark on a world trip where he indulged in his passion for Mixed Martial Arts. However, Besi did not stop there. In 2022 he started coaching people on how to achieve success in E-Commerce and online business, and he has already coached over 100 successful entrepreneurs in Switzerland and beyond. 

Innoversity and Nomad Vibes Academy 

Besi has created two online resources where he coaches others to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Innoversity aids in creating online businesses and building and growing them through Besi’s expert training. With only 17 spots each month, Innoversity is a highly beneficial resource that is sure to aid in scaling businesses in Switzerland.  

Nomad Vibes Academy focuses on setting up any business, taking it from an idea to a reality. Available to anyone, this highly resourceful academy provides one-on-one coaching to teach new entrepreneurs how to build their businesses from the ground up.  

Nomad Vibes Academy and Innoversity guarantee results with these tailored coaching and training sessions. Attendees don’t need the experience to get started, as Besi teaches everything they need to know to grow or start their businesses.  

With Nomad Vibes Academy, new clients can book a free consultation to determine if it’s a good fit and what this online resource can do for them. Innoversity includes a free strategy session for all new applicants to give them a taste of what Besi has to offer.  


Besi’s ultimate goal was to provide for his family, and he accomplished this by retiring his parents and helping his sister. He has also achieved financial freedom for himself, allowing him to enjoy life’s luxuries that he could only dream of before. 

Besi’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and never giving up. He has shown that success is possible, no matter where one comes from or what challenges they face. Besi’s journey is an inspiration to all those who want to achieve greatness and make their dreams come true.

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