Explaining Life Amy Bragdon Writes Her Autobiography To Inspire Those Who Need It

April 13 04:32 2023
Explaining Life Amy Bragdon Writes Her Autobiography To Inspire Those Who Need It

Life is a rollercoaster, ups and downs are the things that one learns from. We learn to enjoy the highs and appreciate the lows. These are the things that make life worth living. Taking this into account, Amy Bragdon has whipped up a book that compiles the story of her life, at least the one she has lived up till now. She is the last of four children and has certainly learned how to shine her light on an audience. Growing up trying to make space for an individual identity gets hard, but learning through these experiences is a reason for people to grow and become more of who they truly are.

Amy has learned how to live life while being her most authentic self and trusting the path that has been laid out for her by God. Her faith and moral compass have led her to become a good human being who wishes to share her experiences with the world. This book compiles stories of the people in her life that showed her how to love and be loved. Through the stories she tells, she mentions a reference that would confirm anyone’s faith all over again. Her instances of love, struggle, and sheer joy are a great read.

Beauty For Ashes will soon be released on multiple platforms and available for readers to enjoy worldwide.

About The Author

Amy Bragdon is the last child of 4 siblings, all of them older than her. She is now a 44-year-old author and realtor who is full of life and love. Her successful professional career is limited to her community in Canada, New Brunswick. Her character has evolved and grown from her experiences, and she wishes to inspire others to never give up. She implies a heavy emphasis on living big and does not want to shrink herself to fit in any mold ever.

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