Kenmar Basement Systems Offers Sump Pumps For Sale in Canada

April 13 03:03 2023
Kenmar Basement Systems is a reputable company that provides basement waterproofing services and products in Canada.

Kenmar Basement Systems is the leading national basement waterproofing contractor, offering homeowners superior products and installation services nationwide for over ten years. With a national network of franchisees, the company has installed thousands of systems using its proprietary Waterproofing System. The company offers complete inspection and repair services at the industry’s leading warranty coverage level with a 45-day satisfaction guarantee on all work performed.

In response to a query, Kenmar Basement Systems’ spokesperson said. “Homeowners across the country are growing concerned about basement moisture and humidity issues. These can include plumbing leaks that allow water to flood the basement, groundwater seepage through cracks in the slab, excessive moisture from leaky roofs, and ventilation problems that can throw off the balance of your interior environment.”

Kenmar Basement Systems offers all homeowners highly effective, warrantied solutions to their wet basement and water problems. The extensive product line includes everything needed to create a clean, dry, and happy home environment — sump pumps, insulating Basement Air Barriers, mould removal and repair, insulation, interior drainage systems, and sump pump accessories. Industry-leading warranties back all products for both structural and labour. If you are looking for a company offering basement wall waterproofing service, you should consider Kenmar Basement Systems as your top choice.

The spokesperson further added. “In some cases, homeowners install a dehumidifier to manage excess moisture, but in many cases, this simply worsens the problem by pushing the excess moisture into other areas in the home where it can cause mould and other serious health issues for your family. We at Kenmar Basement Systems can help install basement water management options such as sump pumps and other patented products and services. If left untreated, these problems can damage the basement and your home’s structural integrity.”

Kenmar Basement Systems, a leading wet basement repair company, has been helping homeowners keep their basements dry for over a decade. As an industry leader, they strive to bring the highest quality solutions to their customers by eliminating moisture and stopping it from damaging their customer’s homes. Their patented systems have been trusted across the country and around the world to provide a permanent solution to many wet basements.

About Kenmar Basement Systems 

In 1984, Ken and Marina founded Kenmar Enterprises, offering damp residential proofing and restoration. In addition to foundation waterproofing, their company, now known as Kenmar Basement Systems, has grown to provide cutting-edge crawl space encapsulation and repair services. In response to customer demand, they expanded their business to include a second location in Sudbury, becoming Northern Ontario’s go-to foundation repair and waterproofing authority. Those looking to buy sump pumps in Canada should visit the official website of Kenmar Basement Systems for price options and details.

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