StudioFive Introduces the World’s Most Immersive VR Experience for Education and Training

April 12 20:49 2023

KANSAS CITY – StudioFive VR, a leading virtual reality (VR) content and management solutions provider, is revolutionizing the way people learn and train with its cutting-edge immersive technology. The Kansas City-based company is a mother-son duo passionate about harnessing the power of VR to transform lives through magical immersive experiences.

StudioFive VR specializes in creating unforgettable educational experiences for various industries, including healthcare, education and training, therapy, tourism, and retirement communities. The company’s VR solutions are already being used in numerous fields, such as public service entities (fire and police), the military, PTSD therapy, construction safety training, and public education.

In collaboration with ARVI, StudioFive VR offers over 50 VR games, providing top-of-the-line entertainment and gaming experiences alongside their focus on education and training. As one of the top 10 best virtual reality hubs in Kansas City, Missouri, StudioFive VR demonstrates the transformative potential of VR technology in reshaping how we learn, teach, and interact with the world.

Kim, a local firefighter, and Joe, with a background in construction, bring their unique perspectives and passion for helping others to StudioFive VR. They believe that VR technology offers endless possibilities for enhancing community education and training opportunities, and are committed to staying at the forefront of this emerging industry.

For more information on StudioFive VR’s innovative solutions, visit The company’s immersive experiences are not only redefining the realm of virtual reality but also paving the way for a brighter, more connected future.

About StudioFive VR:

StudioFive VR is a Kansas City-based virtual reality content and management solutions provider specializing in education and training. Founded by a mother-son team, the company offers immersive experiences that transform lives and industries, with a focus on healthcare, education and training, therapy, tourism, and retirement communities. For more information, visit

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