FirstEigen announces that the DataBuck Essential Data Quality Module is now available in Azure Market Place.

April 12 23:40 2023

“DataBuck enables data management professionals to flag data errors autonomously within Azure Ecosystem” – Seth Rao, CEO and Co-founder of FirstEigen

FirstEigen, a data quality tool provider, has introduced the DataBuck Essential Data Quality Module on the Azure Market Place, which assists Azure users in autonomously identifying inaccuracies in their data. This module utilizes AI and Machine Learning to detect data quality errors without requiring any coding. The software scans data assets within the Azure ecosystem, detects inaccuracies early on, and flags them to ensure that data owners have reliable and accurate data in their pipelines.

DataBuck Quality Module is an autonomous solution enabling data owners to detect errors quickly. It scans each data asset, identifies critical errors that may break the data pipeline, and automates the time-consuming process of coding rules and orchestration mechanisms to detect data issues. DataBuck Quality Module can be programmatically integrated into any data pipeline and works with various platforms such as Azure Data Lake, Databricks Delta Lake, Cosmos DB, Snowflake, Synapse, MSSQL, and many more.

The software flags critical data issues alerts data engineers and teams and sets thousands of validation checks for continuous data testing and data matching to monitor the health metrics and Data Trust Scores. DataBuck’s machine learning algorithms generate an 11-vector data fingerprint that quickly identifies records with issues. This approach ensures that customers have full transparency and trust in their reports, analytics, and models. DataBuck lowers data maintenance and costs by $1 Mil for every $100 Mil in revenues and increases efficiency in scaling data quality operations by 10x.

FirstEigen’s DataBuck Data Quality and Data Trustability Modules offer an alternative to Informatica Data Quality (IDQ). They could replace Informatica DQ as it provides autonomous solutions that don’t require coding. The results can be directly integrated into Informatica Axon, Alation, or any other Data Governance tool. Interested customers can learn more about FirstEigen and DataBuck from the company website and social channels.

About the Company

FirstEigen was founded by Seth Rao in 2015. Seth Rao has a Doctorate in Engineering, his specialty being data and analytics, along with years of experience working as a data analyst and management consultant. 

The team at FirstEigen has helped solve Data Integrity problems for countless renowned companies, including Cisco, Citibank, Bank of America, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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