Florida Public Adjusters at Tailored Loss Consultants Are Helping Homeowners Get Compensated for Property Damage Due to Hurricane Ian

April 12 18:51 2023
Tailored Loss Consultants represents homeowners who have suffered property damage and are finding it difficult to obtain fair compensation because the insurance companies are reluctant to honor their commitments. Hurricane Ian has affected homeowners in the state, and this business is helping them get the settlements they deserve.

According to announcements released by Tailored Loss Consultants and Chad Schmitt, the Florida public adjusters at this business are handling cases of homeowners facing zero to insufficient compensations in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. 

Following Hurricane Ian, Scotty Moland of Florida Public Adjusters assists homeowners who have been lowballed by their insurers after being assured of adequate compensation. Moland’s assessments of a client’s losses are invariably more accurate and higher than what the insurance company’s appraisers are willing to accept. 

What follows is becoming a trend, especially because the new one-way attorney fees rules have left insurance companies with little incentive to resolve claims. This makes the services of public adjusters Florida invaluable because they know how to press for the proper fulfillment of genuine claims. Tailored Loss Consultants knows how insurance policies are structured and worded. It is aware of insurers’ tactics to delay or deny claims. It works hard, with attorneys, if required to help homeowners acquire the funds necessary to rebuild properties damaged by hurricanes. 

Tailored Loss Consultants treats each case nuancedly. It has seen cases where homeowners have been waiting to hear from insurers for months. This unavailability of the insurers and their subsequent excuses, when questioned legally, are reasons why this business feels that homeowners are better off hiring public adjusters instead of trying to handle the claims process on their own, especially after events such as Hurricane Ian as during such times insurance companies are inundated with claims and risk insolvency. 

Tailored Loss Consultants is skilled at negotiations and does so based on its thorough understanding of insurance laws, applicable building codes, and its appraisals of the damages suffered. 

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Chad Schmitt of Tailored Loss Consultants said, “Reviewing your policy annually ensures that it still meets your needs and reflects any changes in the value of your home since you purchased it. For example, if you remodeled or built an addition, those updates will increase value and should be considered when calculating the coverage you need. Have there been changes to your financial situation or lifestyle? Did you buy a new home or add a swimming pool? Did you get married or have a child? These things should be factored into determining what level of coverage is appropriate for you.

Furthermore, reviewing new laws or regulations relevant to homeowners’ insurance will help ensure all legal requirements are met. It will also confirm that the necessary coverage for natural disasters is included in the policy (as required by law). This is especially important for those living in coastal areas where hurricanes may be more frequent than in other parts of the state. 

Reviewing your homeowners’ insurance policy annually allows you to compare provider rates to guarantee that you get the best deal possible. Shopping around and comparing rates can help save hundreds of dollars each year on premium costs alone. It pays to research and ensure you’re getting the most value for your money when insuring your home in Florida.” 

About the Company:

Tailored Loss Consultants works with policyholders to ensure that their claims are recognized. It employs qualified engineers and experts to evaluate premises after hurricane, fire, or storm damage. The business’s inspection and appraisal services uncover damage that could otherwise go unnoticed.

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