Discover How Therapyland’s Intensive ABA Program is Revolutionizing Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Disabilities

April 12 14:27 2023
Discover How Therapyland's Intensive ABA Program is Revolutionizing Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Disabilities
Therapyland combines therapy types and a 1:1 child-to-Therapist ratio to find what works best for each child.

Therapyland believes that all children should thrive. The team is expanding its mission, letting parents know they provide complete treatment options for developmental disorders, anxiety disorders, and autism spectrum disorders that best fit each child’s unique needs and symptoms.

“We use an interdisciplinary approach to develop a personalized program for each child,” states Therapyland. “That might include behavioral, physical, occupational, feeding, speech-language, and augmentative and alternative communication therapies. Additionally, we encourage parent training and group therapy sessions to help all family members with communication and stress management.”

ABA Therapy

Therapyland uses an intense ABA program to reinforce desirable behaviors, discourage unwanted behaviors, increase self-esteem, improve social skills, and develop emotional competence. Their ABA therapy services also aim to enhance academic performance and teach life skills that lead to greater independence and overall well-being.

Co-founder and CEO Thane Brooks explains: “We believe every child is unique, and our approach to ABA therapy focuses on identifying each child’s specific talents, strengths, and challenges to help them reach their full potential in all areas of life…we are committed to providing individualized ABA therapy services to help your child succeed. Through the initial ABA observation and assessment process, our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts will learn what the priorities are for the caregivers and determine the child’s strengths as well as unique struggles. With the caregiver’s input, an individualized treatment plan and goals will be developed to ensure all deficits are addressed.”

Therapyland’s Unique Approach

“There is nothing like Therapyland in the United States as we are themed based,” states Brooks. “Therapyland therapy centers are multi-million-dollar state-of-the-art facilities that combine a children’s museum and a carnival. Therapyland is about our children being children first and special needs second. My wife and I started Therapyland out of necessity as we are parents of a child with autism. We opened Therapyland to give her the best opportunity in life, and we felt Therapyland could do so much more for others in our community. I believe Therapyland needs to be there for the child first, the parent second, the therapist third, and the company fourth, in that order.”

Thane recognized the need for a welcoming setting where other kids with special needs might be introduced to therapeutic play and gain from a multifaceted strategy for fostering desired behaviors and life skills. He pictured a secure environment where youngsters with cognitive, physical, emotional, and social difficulties may learn abilities that would aid them in succeeding through evidence-based therapies.

Thane came up with the idea of a pleasant place where parents might go to unwind— a place where they may access the best therapists without feeling that each treatment session is a hassle. They may take their child to get positive attention, overcome adolescent fear, and change destructive behaviors in a relaxed, enjoyable setting.

Co-founder and COO, Cheri Brooks has run many companies over the past 25 years and has used her business sense to continuously shape Therapyland.  Brooks’ leadership in combination with the support from her team has led Therapyland to become the best all-inclusive pediatric therapy center in Georgia.  Thane and Cheri Brooks are supported by an amazing team of leaders, therapist, billing advocates and an industry leading support team.

About Therapyland

Therapyland is a revolutionary pediatric therapy center that offers behavioral therapy, autism therapy services, applied behavior analysis therapy, pediatric occupational therapy, pediatric physical therapy, pediatric speech therapy, feeding therapy, and aac therapy. Therapyland was developed to combine quality therapy and education approaches in one location. Their belief that every child can learn and develop into a well-balanced, joyful, and successful adult is at the core of their goal. This attitude serves as their guide as they work with families of all shapes and sizes to assist parents and kids in learning coping mechanisms to overcome the particular difficulties associated with developmental disorders.

The mission of Therapyland is to offer children with special healthcare requirements, developmental delays, and learning difficulties the best therapies and education currently available. Through effective treatments for behavioral issues, they encourage healthy growth and give kids a chance to live fulfilling lives. They aim to forge cooperative working connections between parents and behavioral therapists to provide successful therapy outcomes for children. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement, the team is dedicated to strengthening and developing their professional team and advancing therapeutic excellence.

Therapyland aims to increase performance and independence across all situations, providing children with several opportunities to reach developmental goals. Their mission is to offer the best evidence-based practice and clinical expertise through demonstrated excellence in the most welcoming setting. Their company’s success is based on the idea that children’s needs come first and that every environmental change must be evaluated in light of how it will affect the child. Their priorities are always the development and welfare of the child.

Therapyland operates in three convenient Georgia locations in Lawrence, Alpharetta, and Kennesaw.

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Interested parties can contact Therapyland through email at [email protected] or call 678-648-7644.

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