Jason Herasemluk Reveals Costa Rica as The Best Place to Have a Great Eco-Experience

April 12 02:53 2023
Jason Herasemluk Reveals Costa Rica as The Best Place to Have a Great Eco-Experience

April 11, 2023 – Jason Herasemluk speaks about Costa Rica beingrecognised across the world for its diversified and abundant exotic wildlife and as such a great place to retire. Costa Rica has one of the most diverse animal populations in the world, with over 500,000 species of wild animals, including many rare, endangered, and unique species. From cuddly sloths to playful monkeys, tiny colourful tree frogs to mammoth 16-foot crocodiles, endangered Jaguars to small wild jungle cats, ancient iguanas to the rainbow of more than 918 species of tropical birds, gentle giants like the whale shark and giant sea turtle, to small but deadly snakes and frogs, there are a variety of animals that can be found in the tropics.

“Costa Rica is the place to go if you want to enjoy the environment. Even after all these years of being known as the world’s favourite eco-destination, Costa Rica’s wildlife and natural beauty are accessible and unmatched wherever you go.” Says Jason Herasemluk

When an animal is in its natural environment, it is most beautiful. Jason can therefore assist in deciding where in Costa Rica to travel in order to maximise chances of seeing particular species of animals, such as getting to see white-faced capuchin monkeys try to steal munchies in Manuel Antonio or observe sea turtles come ashore to deposit their eggs in Tortuguero National Park. Travelers may observe a sloth napping in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast, hear howler monkeys howling in Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula, or see beautiful humpback whales in Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula.

The birds of Costa Rica are astounding, amazing, and colourful; their sizes range from being no bigger than thefinger to being taller than some kids. Of course, there are also a variety of bird cries. Costa Rica is the best place in the world to travel for birders.

For anyone looking to make a trip to Costa Rica, try to see as many creatures there and enjoy a diversified and exotic wildlife experience like never before.

Pura Vida everyone!

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