Escapist Technologies Launches World’s First All-Purpose Noise Cancelling Headphones with Integrated Biometric Sensors for Brainwave and Heart Rate Feedback

April 12 01:50 2023
With the goal of helping clients improve their health and mental well-being, Escapist Technologies has developed the perfect tool to aid in mindfulness and meditation. These headphones block out surrounding noise while monitoring brainwaves and heart rates to help one improve their meditation.

Meditation is incredibly beneficial for one’s mental and emotional well-being. This simple act of taking the time to be at peace can significantly reduce stress and improve mindfulness. Many people struggle with meditation as they have difficulty focusing and committing to a practice they aren’t sure how to measure results on.  

Escapist Technologies has launched its flagship product in the form of a tool that will aid in expanding and growing meditation practice. The noise-canceling headphones help monitor signs of more profound relaxation and meditation while blocking the outside world to keep users focused.  

The benefits of headphones from Escapist Technologies 

AJ Williams founded Escapist Technologies. As someone who has been dealing with mental illness for over 30 years and firsthand experience with how meditation can help, AJ wanted to create a tool to make this habit easier to work on. With more than 15 years of work in the product design and development piece of the mental health industry, AJ was able to combine his depth of knowledge and experience with a desire to help others to create this mental health brand and its flagship product. 

His efforts and expertise caught the attention of Daniel Alenaddaf, the CEO of AFS Group, one of the largest health and wellness companies. His interest led to him becoming the lead investor to get this revolutionary project underway. 

The headphones from Escapist Technologies begin by providing stellar noise-canceling. This feature keeps users focused by removing the distractions around them. As one meditates, the headphones track their brainwave activity and heart rate. This live tracking helps them determine if their meditation is helping and how they are improving their practice over time through the corresponding app.  

If their brainwaves show their mind wandering during meditation, a pre-selected sound will bring them back to focus. 

“The heart rate and brainwave sensors are integrated into the device and provide real-time feedback to the user. The heart rate sensor measures the user’s heart rate variability, which is an indicator of the body’s response to stress. The brainwave sensor measures the user’s brain activity and provides feedback on the user’s state of mind, such as whether they are relaxed or distracted,” Williams says.  

The app keeps a history of their meditation sessions to show how they are improving. It also has a library of more than 1,000 meditations to aid in guiding each session.  

“Our goal is to create meditations worth making time for,” Williams adds. “We know that many people struggle with mental health, noise, and distractions or just want to perform better. With Escapist Technologies, we aim to make mindfulness and meditation accessible and enjoyable for everyone.” 

In anticipation of its launch, this groundbreaking innovation boasts pending patents across more than 150 nations, ready to make a worldwide impact. This device is intended to aid in mental health for all of its users but is specifically targeted at 25–44-year-olds. Suitable for anyone to use, the headphones and the accompanying app will be an advancement in mental health. 


Escapist Technologies will make these headphones available for pre-order in April of this year. This flagship product marks a considerable technological innovation, especially in the mental health industry, as they provide real-time neurofeedback and heart rate feedback to let users know how their efforts are paying off. 

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