Overseas Professional FIBA Basketball Coach Keith Graves Talks Yangon, Myanmar

April 11 17:46 2023
Overseas Professional FIBA Basketball Coach Keith Graves Talks Yangon, Myanmar

“When I first came here, I immediately started helping the kids here because they played hard, but we lacked fundamentals and the kids didn’t know how to react to how the defender is playing you! I left the USA and took on a brand new journey, and I love Yangon, Myanmar. The Country embraced me, and I just felt like the country immediately gave me a chance. The Hong Kong Burmese people in Yangon work so hard, so it really made me all in, and that’s how I paid my respect! Myanmar has helped me revitalize my life, and I love it here. I had the opportunity to go coach in the WNBA as an assistant coach starting in June, but I just wanted to build something special here!

“What Yangon, Myanmar has done for me and the opportunities that PAIS and the federation have given me, the least I can do is give back! Being able to be the Athletic Director in Myanmar to help create change here is really positive, and it’s uplifting not only for me and my family but for the next generation! I think the Myanmar Market for Football, Futsal, Basketball, and Volleyball is going to be really big in the next 2 years,” Keith Said.

“Yangon, Myanmar is home for me. In the home, it’s not about reading, it’s about feeling,” he said, adding that he likes connecting with people so they can understand his feelings and his love for the country. Keith noted he also feels grateful that Burmese people talk to him in English as he feels his Burmese is F-Grade, and that he always appreciates the love and hospitality that Burmese, Chinese, & Korean people have shown to him. I also would like to thank Principal Lewis for bringing me here, and I can assure you in the next 6 months people will hear about the PAIS athletic program and how they play fast, how they play hard and how we are academically. The Goal is to get as many NJCAA, NCAA, USCAA, NAIA, ACCA, VIETNAM, KOREAN, AND CHINESE COLLEGE COACHES & NCCAA college coaches to come to our campus to see our student athletes. We have players here that just do not have the resources, but I am hoping me and several other coaches can make an impact.

As someone from the US, Keith said that he believes that if Americans really want to learn about Myanmar, they should visit and stay for more than a week or a month. “People need to be able to come to Myanmar and experience it more to be able to understand each other so that they can immerse themselves into the culture, to be able to learn and have a better understanding,” he said. The Burmese people here are amazing, loving and they love everyone! Keith has signed a 3-year deal with PAIS & with the Pro Development Women Basketball Team! Keith states his goal is to turn PAIS into a TOP 100 Ranked program in ASIA. As you look below, here is a copy of Keith’s Coaching Accomplishments.

(Naw Zar Hwte ASSEANMO, Sports writer)

Career Coaching Accomplishments

As a Head Coach:

  • 2015 National Champion
  • 2015 Regional Champion
  • 2020 Provincial Champion (14u, 16u, 18u, 20u, 22u)
  • 6x Region Coach of the Year (2015 NACA National Coach of the Year)
  • 2018 National North Champion (Men)
  • 2018 NIAA State Champion (Men)
  • 2018 NIAA National Champion (Men)
  • 2023 HKYCBL Champion

As an Assistant Coach:

  • 2012 NJCAA D3 Runner Up
  • 2018 Title IX National Champion
  • 2018 National North Champion
  • 2018 Independent School National Champion Girls Elite Division
  • 2018 NCSAA National Champion Division 1AAA
  • 2018 NIAA State Champion (Women)
  • 2018 NIAA National Champion (Women)

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